4 New Ways to Experience Sydney Harbour

Often referred to as the Harbour City, Sydney is home to the most beautiful harbour in the world, along with some of the most gorgeous beaches and seafront neighborhoods. Sydney’s connection to the water is certainly something that defines this amazing city, which is why visiting the Harbour is high up on the list of priorities of both domestic and international tourists.

Given how the city is currently in lockdown, we thought it would be a good idea to honor this amazing city and its attractions by listing some of the best ways to experience this aquatic playground made for sailing, diving, and swimming. So, here they are – four new ways to experience Sydney Harbour after the lockdown is lifted.

Ways to Experience Sydney Harbour

By Air

One of the best ways to immerse yourself in the harbour and ensure some spectacular sights is to experience Sydney by air. Get panoramic, bird’s-eye views by booking a fun twenty-minute helicopter ride and explore the eastern coastline of this amazing city. At 500 feet, this exciting aerial tour will help you experience Sydney Harbour as well as the city’s skyline in all its glory. From Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge to Bondi Beach and Manly Cove, you’ll be flying over some of the most amazing sights in Sydney in less than a few minutes after departing.

Alternatively, you can hop on one of the multiple flights arranged every single day by Sydney Seaplanes and enjoy the stunning views from 1000 feet above water. You can opt for a short aerial tour, or you can book a full fly-and-dine experience to everything from Cottage Point Inn to Barrenjoey House to Dunes Palm Beach, all the while enjoying a nice meal and soaking up the amazing scenery.

Ways to Experience Sydney Harbour

At Waterfront Restaurant or Bar

Speaking about enjoying some delicious food and drinks along with some gorgeous vistas, another great way to experience Sydney Harbour is to head to the harbourside and find a restaurant or a bar that suits your taste. Depending on the type of vibe and activities you are looking for, you can head to the Opera Bar and enjoy people-watching while enjoying the stunning blue backdrop. Go to The Bavarian for some great beer and a pretzel, or book a dinner at Bennelong for an unforgettable fine dining experience.

For an incredible outlook on water and some fresh upmarket seafood, head to the family-owned Catalina restaurant at Rose Bay, or enjoy some stunning lofty views in a chic and health-conscious space of the O Bar and Dining restaurant. Whether you’re looking for something sophisticated or laid-back, the waterfront restaurants and bars at Sydney Harbour offer something for everyone.

On a Boat

With so many iconic landmarks, amazing beaches, and stunning bays, it feels like Sydney was made to be experienced by a boat. An incredible nautical adventure, exploring the amazing scenery of the Sydney Harbour is something that can fit into a wide range of budgets.

Whether we’re talking about renting a budget-friendly charter boat or living it up with a private luxury yacht, you can easily find boat hire in Sydney that will turn on the charm for practically any occasion. From engagements and weddings to birthdays and business events, you can throw some amazing on-water events by selecting the right boat for your needs. Some of them are able to fit up to 49 guests, with a captain and crew included. Regardless of your choice, you will be cruising around the harbour’s edges in absolute style and luxury while enjoying the amazing views of Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House, soaking up all the beauty Sydney Harbour has to offer.

At the Beach

Many would agree that exploring the gorgeous Sydney beaches is at the top of the list of fun things to do during your Australia trip, and for good reason! Home to more than a hundred beaches, Sydney is the ultimate spot for taking some well-deserved time off, with Balmoral, Shark Bay, and Coogee being some of the most popular spots for relaxation.

That said, the beaches down the harbour shore are just as stunning. In fact, they may be an even better option if you’re looking to beat the crowds or spontaneously decide to get some beach time after a long day at work. Head to the small and sheltered Chinamans beach for a family picnic, take your kids for a swim and enjoy the spectacular views from Seven Shillings beach, snorkel at the Store beach, or enjoy the calmness of the Parsley Bay Reserve. Wonderfully secluded and free of the risk of riptides, these harbour beaches are definitely worth the trip.

Ways to Experience Sydney Harbour

In Conclusion

Exploring the harbour and all the stunning attractions Sydney has been blessed with is truly a one-of-a-kind experience and something everyone should try at least once in their lifetime. With so many options to choose from, you can easily tailor your travel experience to fit your needs and preferences, and explore Sydney Harbour in a totally different, unique way.

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