Ways Kids Can Earn Money for Christmas

Having kids earn their own money is a great way to start teaching them about money and finances. Typically, it is around the age of 6 or 7 that we introduce the concept of earning money to them. We teach them about how to earn money and how to save it. These are important lessons that should be taught to every child. 

One of the best feelings in the world is purchasing something special for someone. A special gift that you know they will love or will be beneficial to them. This is even true for children. For children, giving presents to friends and family can be more important than many of us realize.

Being able to earn money and purchase gifts for their loved ones can help give children more of a sense of independence. They will feel good knowing they found the perfect gift and it can help them feel more mature. These are all good things for them to experience and they will continue to build on these to become better as they grow up.

Ways Kids Can Earn Money for Christmas

With the holidays quickly approaching, there are a lot of different ways that kids can earn money for Christmas. Whether they want to buy something special for themselves or want to purchase a gift for someone, these chores and other ways to earn money can help them do that.

These activities include ideas for kids of all ages and some activities may need some help from an adult. Therefore, it is important that you brainstorm with your child to see what they may be interested in, what they may need help with, and if you and your family can make it work.

  1. Set up a lemonade stand and sell lemonade to friends, family, and the community.
  1. Resell old toys and items that are no longer used. 
  1. Help shovel snow or clean off sidewalks.
  1. Feed and water pets.
  1. Set up a hot chocolate stand.
  1. Offer to pet sit. This can be really helpful for those families that travel.
  1. Have a bake sale. The kids can make their favorite cookies, brownies, or other sweet treats to sell.
  1. Wash windows or cars.
  1. Rake leaves during the fall season.
  1. Help neighbors with small tasks they have around the house.
  1. Walk dogs for those in the neighborhood.
  1. Help with folding laundry.
  1. Sell extra fruit or veggies that they have grown.
  1. Put away the laundry once it has been folded.
  1. Taking out the trash.
  1. Tutor other students in a subject that they are good at.
  1. Do the dishes and put the dishes away once they are clean.
  1. Make their own crafts and sell them. They can sell their crafts to friends or even online.
  1. Wrap Christmas presents. They can wrap presents for family members or set up a table at the mall to wrap gifts for those purchasing presents.

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  1. Help hang Christmas lights.
  1. Babysit younger children.
  1. Help neighbors, friends, and family with decorating their yard or home for the holidays.
  1. Give music lessons to those who are interested.
  1. Chop and sell firewood for the upcoming winter months.
  1. Crochet hats and scarves that they can sell either in person or online.
  1. Resell items online. These could be unwanted video games, movies, clothes, etc.
  1. House sit for friends, family, or neighbors.
  1. Older children can put their computer skills to use and offer services to those who may need it.
  1. For those tweens and teens that love taking pictures, they can offer photography services.
  1. If they enjoy singing or playing an instrument, maybe they can set up a band to play at events.
  1. Set up a drink or food stand at local sports games or events. (Ask for permission first!)
  1. Mow lawns during the summer months and save the money for the holidays.
  1. Do a paper route for the local newspaper.
  1. Paint fences.
  1. Make and sell holiday crafts and home décor.
Ways Kids Can Earn Money for Christmas

While these are just a few ways that your child can make money for the holidays, there are a ton of different opportunities out there. 

If your child has a hobby or something they are really good at, you can get together and brainstorm some ideas to see if it is something that would sell or would be a service that can help other people. You would be surprised at just how creative they can get, and that creativeness can help them do well when it comes to making money.

You will also want to be mindful of their age and capabilities. A 7-year-old might not be old enough to do some of the things on this list while an older child can. It will all depend on their age or what their interests may be.

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