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I hate visiting the doctor, there is no ifs, ands or buts about it. I hate getting up especially if I’m not feeling well, getting dressed, getting in my car and making that drive to the doctors office. Now the problem about actually making it to the doctor’s office is sitting in the waiting room and actually waiting. I am going to be honest with you. I don’t have a lot of patience. You would think that after having 4 kids my patience level will be a lot better but it’s not. I absolutely hate waiting on anything and for anyone. It’s my biggest pet peeve. If I have an appointment at 1pm, I want to be seen at 1pm. I don’t want to be seen at 1:05pm. Yes that 5 minute of waiting in the waiting room with other patients, some openly coughing or sneezing can really annoy me. If you’re not sick going to the doctors office I always feel like I’m going out walk out feeling sick. Well I no longer have to worry about that? What if I tell you that now you can actually visit a doctor without leaving the comfort of your home? Yes there’s an app for that! It’s called Amwell.

I haven’t been ‘feeling myself’ lately. With the death of my mother, the loss of a career, the deterioration of a marriage, this year has had to be the worst year of my life. When I was offered a free visit from Amwell without having to leave the comfort of my home, I jumped at it. If you know me personally you would also know that I get anxious being in large crowds. I hate having people looking at me and it makes me feel very uncomfortable. Blame it on my time in the military. Most people call it PTSD, I call it just being me.

Setting up my visit was very easy. You can do it via your computer or on your mobile device. I set mine up on the computer and after going through a few steps to make sure that my microphone and camera was working, I was all set. I was able to input my medical history and even my medications that I take so that my provider will have a brief history before we meet. If there are medications to be prescribed they can do that and was even able to pull up my nearest pharmacies. I was able to make an appointment and all I had to do was sit back and wait for the day and time to arrive. Before my appointment started, I even got a reminder an hour before it started so I’d be ready.

This appointment was something that I truly didn’t expect. My provider was down to earth, spoke to me like she knew me for ages and really listened to what I had to say. Normally I would go into an office and it seemed like they knew what I wanted to say before I’ve even said it. They’re either taking notes or asking a million questions and even then it feels like they’re never really listening to what I had to say. This ‘felt’ different and I was truly impressed. Is this something that I would do again? You bet I would! Now here are some reasons why!

1. I can talk to a therapist or a doctor on my schedule. Being a mom we all know how hectic our schedules can be so doing it on my time is something that I can certainly get used to.

Amwell’s licensed doctors, dieticians and psychologists are available for immediate and live, online visits—day or night. They are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and are dedicated to keeping you healthy — all from the comfort of your home.  With my particular behavioral health visit, their behavioral health therapists are available during business hours 8am – 8pm and typically require a scheduled appointment prior to a visit.

  Convenience! No more waiting room, no more having to get a baby sitter so I can go to my appointment, no more getting in my car and driving through traffic to get to my doctor’s office. Everything is done in the comfort of my home.

4.   The cost! My first visit was actually lower (before I used my coupon) than what it would have been had I gone in to see a therapist. Granted all I have to pay is a co-pay now but insurers are beginning to cover telehealth visits as well, rendering the cost of the visit to be just the copay!

Now those are my reasons but what will your reason be to see an online provider? What is stopping you? Well today you have no excuse, you can use our code “SOULCARE” and schedule your very first visit today. Trust me you won’t regret it and you’ll probably NEVER go back to a waiting room again.

Let’s discuss: What will prevent you from seeing an online health provider? 

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