Useful Violin Playing Tips From the Pros

Violin is a string instrument, just like a guitar. However, it is more complex and takes a lot of effort to master. It requires practice, determination, patience, and a lot of knowledge. Every instrument player knows that you need all of the things mentioned to excel and advance your skills. However, we all need some motivation and tips from people we look up to. 

Whether you are a beginner or intermediate violinist, here are some useful violin tips from the pros that will help you make progress: 

Violin Playing Tips

“Practice often and slowly” – Joshua Bell 

It may be a cliche thing to say, but everything will be better with practice. The famous violinist Joshua Bell explained that everyone should practice often and slowly. Start with playing a slow tempo as it can help get the music ingrained in your mind and body. Especially when trying new passages, take your time so you can focus on not having wrong notes, avoiding being out of turn, and you won’t fumble with the bow. Lastly, always give yourself time to absorb new knowledge. Practising good doesn’t mean hurrying and not giving yourself a break. 

“Tune your violin properly” – Sarah Chang

Sarah Chang, a classical violinist and a child prodigy who has been playing for about 30 years, has mentioned that he never learned to tune her violin until she’s 12. It is also noted at Orchestra Source that you should always check the tune of your violin strings before practicing and performing. Playing off-key tunes can be disappointing and frustrating. One way to help to tune more manageable for you is to get a chromatic tuner device. This way, you’ll know if your instrument is well-tuned to the right key. 

Useful Violin Playing Tips

“Build Stamina” – Rachel Podger 

Aside from the violin being a tricky instrument to play, it also requires physical and mental stamina. Rachel Podger said that it is important to build stamina so you can get used to the whole thing. From playing and holding the violin, practicing individual passages, and pretending to play with an audience. This can prepare you when playing for a more extended period or playing professionally in the future. 

“Be Flexible. Be Imaginative” – Itzhak Perlman

When you are playing a violin piece, you are a storyteller and the music is your story. Do something that you like, and you will love whether you want to play an instrument as art or do it for a living. Have a goal in your mind and do it. If you want to play pop music with a violin, then do it. If you want to be a part of an orchestra, then do it. The fact that you are a musician already is wonderful. Don’t put pressure on yourself. Be your authentic self, and you can make a unique brand for yourself. 

Follow these straightforward and useful tips from other musicians, and you are a step closer to being the best performer you will ever be. Even when you are just starting, this information will be valuable data to your music knowledge and career.

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