5 Methods Of Buying A Better Car Than You Otherwise Could

Discover savvy methods for buying a top-notch car on a budget. From pre-owned options to strategic negotiation, maximize value in your next purchase.

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There’s no shame in stretching your budget as far as it will go to get the item you want. As long as you’re reasonable and using methods that don’t cause you financial chaos, then stretching for a slightly better item can make good monetary sense. After all, purchasing a slightly better pair of boots that may last for years longer is a better value proposition in the long run.

Moreover, when it comes to the purchases that matter, like buying a home for the first time, it’s not uncommon to see people doing all they can to stretch their budget to find the home that’s perfect for them.

Could this wisdom also apply to the purchase of a vehicle? We believe it can. Sure, you don’t need to spend through the nose to drive a car that will be functional and dependable. But sometimes, we want a little more than our budget can stretch to right now. Luckily, you can use several methods to purchase a better car than you otherwise would. Just make sure you exercise major caution and be certain you can pay off any excess and that you won’t be putting yourself in financial jeopardy for that outcome.

Let’s list five methods you might use in this article below:

5 Smart Strategies for Purchasing a Superior Car

1. Research & Compare Models

Of course, good old-fashioned comparing and contrasting between different models can be ideal for a car buyer. It might be that the top-tier model of a certain manufacturer’s line is the starting model for another car company, both in terms of functionality and price. You may be paying less for the latter, but even if it doesn’t look as shiny as some of that manufacturer’s better models, you’re still coming away with a better car. 

Using car model review aggregate sites, watching reviews and comparisons on YouTube, and reading car magazines can help you get to grips with the exact value on offer and move on from there.

2. Explore Different Dealerships & Used Sellers

It’s also worthwhile to consider the various dealerships in your town or further out. Depending on where you purchase the car, you may find that you save thousands. Of course, if you’re really looking to save money, then buying from used resellers, usually just individuals, can be ideal. 

Make sure you have the car thoroughly inspected and take it for a test drive to see how it runs. If you’re unsure, bring along someone more familiar with the model or ask your mechanic to take a look at it before you buy. There’s no shame in purchasing a car, even fifth-hand or more, depending on its upkeep and mileage. In some cases, this can help you achieve a car that you wouldn’t have enjoyed otherwise.

3. Negotiate Effectively

There’s always room to negotiate when purchasing a vehicle. Coming away with a better deal requires being diligent about how much you’re willing to spend, lowballing, and then rising to the readjusted offer from the seller, so you’re actually coming more in line with what you were willing to spend in the first place. 

Negotiating effectively isn’t about tricking your seller; it’s about being candid about looking for a good deal and hopefully being provided one. If you can pay immediately or take the car from the driveway right then and there, this can sometimes be a sweetener. Now, you can absolutely negotiate at dealerships or garages too, because the seller often has parameters they can use to gain another sale, and to them, their performance is everything. Play on that a little, and remember that you can walk out at any time.

4. Purchase A Vehicle Compatible With Aftermarket Parts

Part of the reason why it’s so important to research your possible vehicle is that not all of them have similar design philosophies. For example, Tesla vehicles, while impressive, are notoriously expensive to maintain and may even require full replacement of proprietary parts when a quick fix in another EV model would have been acceptable. 

This can go for any possible car you’re looking for. But if you’re hoping to stretch your budget to achieve something better than you would have otherwise, always consider the maintenance and operational costs of that car. For example, the one thing justifying your stretched purchase of an iconic Ford Mustang is that aftermarket Mustang parts abound, are easy to find, and are reasonably priced over the long term. This means that if something goes wrong with your car, it won’t bankrupt you. This is just one example, of course, and shouldn’t limit the financial wisdom you practice.

5. Financing Options

Not everyone is comfortable with financing a vehicle, and that’s reasonable. In some cases, the value of keeping a car for a year might work out better for you than purchasing a vehicle outright, for instance, especially if you return it afterward and can gain back most of your deposit.

However, if you want to finance outside of leasing, then doing so can be reasonable as well. If you purchase a worthwhile vehicle and pay the cost off over four or so years, it may be that you have a better asset than you would have at the other end, although remember that stretching out payments means you will be paying more, and you’re signing up to a contract that ensures future affordability. 

Alternatively, you might opt for a car loan that tops up the budget you would have paid for a better car, and then you can focus on paying that off with the asset itself removed from the actual terms of your repayment. As such, don’t think financing the entirety of a brand new and impressive car is your only option; you can pay off half, or three quarters, and then use the rest to reach a little further or set yourself up with a better model for a period of time. This might take the sting out of financing while still achieving the result you need later on.

In Conclusion

Purchasing a superior car without exceeding your budget requires a combination of research, strategic thinking, and negotiation skills. By exploring pre-owned options, considering financing alternatives, staying updated on seasonal promotions, and mastering the art of negotiation, you can elevate your driving experience without compromising your financial well-being. Upgrade your ride with confidence and enjoy the benefits of a better car that suits both your lifestyle and budget. With this advice, you’ll be more likely to buy a better car than you otherwise might. Good luck!

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