10 Ways to Update Your Home Without Major Renovations

Everybody wants to live in a comfortable and well-designed home. Home renovation does not always have to involve complex planning and vigorous activities. Although some renovations need the help of professionals/experts, others you can do by yourself.

10 Ways to Update Your Home Without Major Renovations

However, if you are not comfortable with carrying out a particular task, do not stress yourself. Just seek help from a trusted technician or expert. House renovation can be a costly process, depending on how intensive it is. However, there are various ways you can use to upgrade your house as you bypass significant renovations. They include:

1. Make an Open Space in Your Home

According to research, open floor plans are the most preferred when purchasing a home. Homeowners prefer an open floor plan where the family room, kitchen, and dining room share a single large open space.

Creating an open space at your house makes your home look more appealing to visitors and you. How can you achieve this? Sometimes, it can be easier than you think. You can achieve this by getting rid of bulky furniture or shifting the furniture around the home to establish which position gives the most open space.

If you do not want to let go of a huge cabinet, armoire, or other bulky furniture taking a lot of space, you can consider painting it with a warm off-white color. This will make it less visible to the eyes, giving an illusion of space.

2. Add New Lighting to Your Home

Installation of proper lighting can significantly enhance the appearance of your room. A poorly lit room appears dark, small, and cramped, as compared to a brightly lit room, which looks airy, open, and welcoming. You can brighten your home in many ways. Some include simple methods, such as purchasing floor and table lamps.

The floor lamps should be strategically placed in dark corners to enhance the lively nature of your house. You can make the room feel cozier and welcoming by leveling the lighting with the lamps on the side tables.

 If you want to get adventurous, you can consider replacing the outdated ceiling fixtures with the modern pieces available in the market. Installing bright lights in your home can significantly transform its appearance.

3. Cabitnetry: Upgrade Door Handles and Drawer Pulls

Nothing makes your bathrooms and kitchen look outdated than the old-fashioned, dirty, and worn knobs and handle pulls. There are so many ways to upgrade your cabinets and handles. You have no reason to keep outdated cabinetry.

 You can choose several finishes like brushed nickel, bronze, shiny stainless, and aged copper. It can be hard to choose what is best for your home since there are several options on the market. Avoid stressing yourself too much since different styles can work perfectly with your room.

4. Update Your Window Treatments

Sometimes windows are overlooked. Homeowners face challenges when deciding which style would suit the room best. They end up leaving the windows bare or installing simple blinds for privacy. Windows also need to be dressed. Leaving the windows bare can make you miss a spectacular decorating layer. However, some lucky people privileged enough to enjoy mountain or ocean views may dispute this fact. However, the best views can be framed by fashionable window panels.

You can dress your windows to perfectly suit your taste and style based on the décor of your home. You can opt for beachy white sheers or graphic geometric curtain panels. If you do not have a preferred choice, use the color schemes you have in your room.

Sometimes the easiest option is to match the curtain panels with the colors of your door. If you want to make major window or door replacements, you can contact professionals like Renewal by Andersen sliding patio doors.

5. Create an Outdoor Room

Sometimes people forget to look outside the doors for unused space. Regardless of whether your house has a fantastic backyard patio or a large front porch or not, an unused space still exists. You only need to be inventive. A fantastic outdoor space can be created by beginning with an outdoor rug, a small fire pit, and hanging string lights. This can significantly change your room’s appearance.

If you want the room to be fancier, you can install some flagstones or brick pavers; then layer it with outdoor chairs or rugs. Alternatively, you can install a vast pergola, blind the sides with privacy curtains, and add some music and some outdoor heater.

10 Ways to Update Your Home Without Major Renovations

6. Landscape Your Yard

Some people tend to ignore the importance of landscaping. They plant a few trees and assume all is well. However, the curb appearance is highly influenced by the structure of your landscaping.

Landscaping is often overlooked. It can be easy to plant more trees or make a couple of raised beds. Start with touring your local greenhouse. You will be fully educated about local plant life. Enquire which plants thrive best in your location and, most importantly, which plants are the easiest to take care of.

7. Add Easy to Install and Remove Wallpaper

The appearance of your home can be enhanced by adding outstanding, easy-to-remove wallpaper. Choose the most appealing product in the market. These wallpapers come with amazing graphics and patterns. Installing them in your room will make it seem like you hired an interior designer.

These wallpapers can be removed from the walls by simply peeling them off. This is a simple process that can be conducted during weekends. Ensure you go through the instructions and also purchase the best quality available in the market.

8. Ensure Your Bathroom is Spruced Up

Bathrooms get dingy and dirty quite quickly. Start a bathroom renovation by thoroughly cleaning it. The shiny outcome will give you enough motivation to spruce-up the remaining part. After the room is clean, identify any outdated light fixtures, knobs, faucets, vanity, and shower curtains. 

You can enhance the appearance of the bathroom by simply changing a few of the outdated items. A paint coat can also make a significant change.

9. Create a Man Cave

Men love to socialize as they enjoy their hobbies. It can also be a great idea to install a man-cave. First, you need to identify a space that is not in use, regardless of where it is; in the garage, basement, or outside the building. Then decorate it based on your preference. To make it more comfortable and cozy, add a pool table, a TV, fridge, darts, music, a bar, or any other thing you would prefer.

10. When in Doubt, Just Clean and Paint

Are you satisfied with how your room looks? Does it overwhelm you? Maybe cleaning up your living space can be a good start. Intensive cleaning can improve your mood and inspire you to take various actions to enhance your home appearance. You can consider adding some colors to the wall or applying a coat of white paint.

If your home has fresh paint, then consider other simple things. It can be a good idea to paint your ceiling or renew your outdated furniture with a fresh paint coat. Intensive cleaning and applying a fresh paint coat can make a significant difference when it comes to carrying out simple renovations.

Art prints are a great way to add some visual interest and style to any room without breaking the bank. Whether you’re looking for modern, abstract prints or classic paintings, there is something available to suit every taste and budget. One of the main benefits of using art prints is that they allow you to easily customize your space and create a look that is all your own. Unlike wallpaper or paint, which can be difficult and costly to install, prints are easy to find and hang on your walls.

10 Ways to Update Your Home Without Major Renovations

In Conclusion

As discussed, it is clear that there are several ways to upgrade your home without undertaking an intensive renovation or incurring huge costs. You can start by dealing with what seems like the most urgent feature that you need to upgrade. 

Make changes to various old-fashion features of your home. You can also seek help from experts if you are uncomfortable with doing a particular task or if you want to make an intensive renovation.

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