Practical Items That Will Make Your Bathroom More Efficient

It has come to an era where everyone will want everything efficient in their homes to save on energy. The bathroom is one of the areas that uses more energy for lighting and cooling. According to studies, any bathroom with heaters and hot showers ranks second in energy consumption after the kitchen.

Besides the energy bills, water bills also run high, mainly in the summer. How do you make a bathroom more efficient? To increase efficiency, you require having energy and water-efficient items. Here are some practical items you can add to your bathroom to increase efficiency.

Practical Items That Will Make Your Bathroom More Efficient

1. Energy-Efficient Windows

One way of reducing lighting and aeration costs in your bathroom is to use energy-efficient windows. With these windows, you can increase light intensity and also increase the amount of airflow into it while maintaining privacy. One better way of doing so is by using bathroom shutters in your windows.

Besides making the room a great place to unwind, these shutters will allow maximum light and provide much-needed privacy. You can adjust the tilting to allow maximum air in the room, maintaining it fresh and dry. With these energy-efficient windows, you will not need any lights during the day, thus saving energy costs. It would be best to have your bathroom away from structures to allow maximum sunlight.

When exploring energy-efficient solutions, consider local businesses for window replacement. For example, residents in South Carolina might look for local businesses that specialize in window replacement in Florence or their specific city, ensuring the expertise of professionals familiar with the regional climate and architectural nuances.

2. Efficient Faucets

If you want to reduce water usage in your bathroom, you need to get some water-efficient faucets. How are these faucets different from the normal ones? These faucets have an aerator, which controls the amount of water released. Its function is almost that of a water-saving showerhead.

These faucets are well-designed such that they emit less water but still maintain the water pressure. You will be less likely to note flow changes. These faucets are similar to efficient shower heads in controlling the number of gallons you can use in the kitchen or bathroom by adjusting the aerator. It’s essential to check your installations if they are efficient to reduce water consumption. 

3. Get A Motion-censored Extractor Fan

Most bathrooms are located in areas without insufficient light and aeration usually have extractor fans. These fans help to regulate the air inside the bathroom, removing the foul odor. People will often forget these fans running, making them use more energy aerating the room when it’s not needed. You might be careful in putting on and off the fan, but the other family member won’t.

The best way to make your bathroom efficient and avoid using more power in aeration is by installing a motion-censored extractor fan. How does this fan work? This fan will automatically start when one gets into the bathroom. It stops at least a minute later to ensure the room is fully aerated and there is no odor. Another way of avoiding this is by installing better windows to avoid using the extractor fans.

4. Low Flow Toilets

If you have stepped in recently built houses, you will find dual-flush toilets. These are like the regular flush toilets but with two flash buttons. One button is for the low flow, while the other is the high flow. You press the low flow button when using the toilet to urinate or dispensing light matter and the long call button when using the toilet entirely.

The short call button enables individuals to save on water since it activates only half of the flush. With these water adjustments, families can save vast amounts of water when using the toilet. If still on old model toilets, you can purchase a secondary flush mechanism that dispenses less water. You don’t need to remove the tank.

5. LED Lighting

Which types of bulbs are you using for your bathroom? Are you still using the yellowish, old model bulbs? If so, that’s where you are losing most of your electricity. The old version of bulbs uses more energy, especially if using more than one in the room. The best alternative for these bulbs is the LED bulbs. The LED bulbs are brighter, provide natural light, and use just a fraction of the incandescent or CFL bulbs’ energy. You might end up using fewer bulbs than the previous ones, making your bathroom more energy efficient. Another advantage of these bulbs is that they last at least 20 times longer than the normal ones. 

Achieving efficiency in your bathroom doesn’t need to cost much. It requires critical thinking and implementing the same. You only need to check on the areas with wastage and rectify them. If things are making you use more power, like the old-fashioned windows, which make your room dark even during the day, you can replace them with modern energy-efficient ones for more efficiency.

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