How To Spruce Up A Boring Hallway

A OnePoll survey revealed that over 70% of Americans plan on redecorating their homes in 2021. Many homeowners will undoubtedly focus on the bathroom, bedroom, and other essential areas of the house at the expense of transitional spaces like hallways. However, many interior design experts agree that your hallway has excellent design potential, which you can tap into to transform this space into your home’s star attraction. Here are five crucial tips worth considering to decorate your drab hallway.

How To Spruce Up A Boring Hallway
  1. Add a Hallway Table

Hallways are notoriously narrow, but this doesn’t mean you can’t add some great furniture to this space. Consequently, consider investing in a lovely hallway table for your entryway for aesthetic and functional reasons. This table is perhaps the first furniture piece that will be seen or used when entering your home, so investing in a great piece is an excellent way to make a great first impression. In addition, hallway tables can help you load and unload as you go out and come in since they are great for keeping keys, wallets, and other items. Also, the space under these tables is an excellent area for keeping backpacks and shoes, giving you extra storage options in your home.

  1. Bring in Some Greenery

Your hallway is one of the best places for keeping indoor plants that bring various benefits to homeowners. Studies show that indoor plants can purify the air you breathe, reduce stress levels, and boost mood. Therefore, consider lining up great indoor plants like the Chinese Evergreen, Cast Iron Plant, and Rubber Plant in your hallway.

  1. Invest in a Statement Mirror

Mirrors are dynamic decor pieces that work well in many spaces, including hallways. Therefore, a mirror at the end of your narrow hallway is worth considering to make this space appear more spacious and lighter. Also, mirrors reflect light, so a great one can brighten up your hallway effortlessly. You can position your mirror above your hallway table so you can have the ultimate space to check yourself out on your way out of the house.

  1. Create a Gallery Wall

An unassuming hallway is a gallery waiting to happen, so consider turning your hallway into an artistic masterpiece by creating a gallery wall. You can hang family portraits and random photographs as an excellent way to give your hallway a personal touch. Additionally, consider hanging various artwork in this narrow space to turn it into a passageway of inspiration. Also, remember to choose coordinating frames in one color to create a cohesive look in this space. A hallway littered with colorful pictures is anything but boring and is sure to captivate anyone who enters your home.

  1. Review Your Light Fixtures

Quality lighting is also essential to liven your boring hallway, so select your light fixtures with care. You can add wall sconces to introduce repetition and visual interest in this space, setting the perfect tone upon entry. Sconces are an excellent choice because they offer ambient lighting and produce a classic effect akin to candles and torches lighting up walls in the old days.

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