Simple Ideas to Redecorate Your Child’s Bedroom

Simple Ideas to Redecorate Your Child’s Bedroom

 If your child’s bedroom is looking a bit plain and uninspiring, you might be thinking about brightening it up.  Creating a fun, colorful bedroom might sound like a huge task, but with a few simple changes, it can be really easy to do.

Here are three simple ideas to redecorate your child’s bedroom.

Simple Ideas to Redecorate Your Child’s Bedroom


First off, adding some color to the walls is a good way to brighten up the room and make it feel more child friendly. But, you might be thinking that wallpapering a room sounds like a lot of work to do yourself. Don’t worry, there’s no need to wallpaper a whole room to add a burst of color.  By decorating just one feature wall you can create plenty of sparkle. 

Another option to add a pop of color to the walls is to buy some ready-made wall stickers.  Designs range from little stickers that can go above the bed, to large murals big enough to fill a wall.


Brighten up your child’s existing bedroom furniture by painting it in their favorite colors.  Using furniture paint often means there’s no need to sand down the furniture beforehand, making it a quick and easy way to decorate furniture.  If there’s a lot of furniture in the room, it may seem like a lot of painting to do.  Instead, you could use stencils to paint shapes or patterns onto the furniture, rather than completely redecorating the whole furniture set.

Organize toys, clothes, and schoolbooks into fun storage.  Not everything needs to be put away into drawers.  Try adding a bit of excitement by using more unconventional ways of storing items.  Rows of hooks are easy to put up and are great for hanging baskets and canvas bags from.  You can personalize these by labeling with your child’s name or attaching a picture of the items that are stored in them. This idea is great for young kids as they learn how to put things away for themselves. 



Finally, you might want to add a bit of extra creativity to your child’s room.  This will make it more fun at bedtime and make the room really feel like it’s their space. So, how do you do this?  Well, one quick and budget-friendly way could be to frame your child’s artworks and hang them on the wall.  After all, the fridge only has so much space for your kid’s paintings, right? 

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