Top 6 Vegan Fat Burners To Make You Fit

There is nothing wrong with wanting a tight and slender body, but achieving it is rather hard with the diet most of us have. Too much sugar, too much fat, and usually not enough exercise. Luckily, the modern diet can be supplemented with a few things to make this problem easier to solve.

Fat burners are a range of food products that are supposed to do what their name says – help us burn excess fat. And although there is usually nothing “non-vegan” in them per se, because the capsules they come in are made from gelatin, finding alternatives that are, for example, made out of cellulose, is a bit difficult.

But fear not, the supplement market offers this too. 

Top Vegan Fat Burners


As with other supplements of this type, PhenGold works by increasing your metabolism and suppressing hunger, so that you accelerate how fast you burn fat. Among other ingredients, it has several very healthy ones that cause all of this to happen: 

  • Green tea,
  • green coffee,
  • Cayenne pepper, etc.

Green tea is packed with caffeine, a powerful stimulant that helps the body lose water, green coffee contains chlorogenic acid which decreases the amount of fat and glucose the body absorbs, while the pepper increases body temperature to stimulate more fat burning naturally. 

Transparent Labs

This pharmaceutical company based in Canada does an excellent job of catering to a variety of needs, mostly for athletes and other sports-related professions. One of their new products is becoming a hit in the bodybuilder community, as can be seen in the Transparent Labs Physiques Series fat burner stim free review. With a science-based formula and study-approved ingredients, it doesn’t fail to meet expectations. 

One of their main ingredients, for example, is Rhodiola Rosea, a plant usually found in Asia whose extract helps reduce stress impact on the body, thereby prolonging training sessions and stamina in general. 


Another great product to help anyone who wants to lose weight, while still being vegan-friendly, PhenQ is made from totally natural ingredients and is a tried and tested supplement that reduces excess body fat. 

Capsicum extract, one of the main ingredients in their recipe, comes from a type of pepper and induces a thermogenic process in which a higher body temperature creates a faster metabolism, which in turn burns more fat it needs for fuel. And fat, as we know it, is the main thing that hides a well-shaped and toned body hidden underneath. This 60 tablets dietary supplement can work wonders if applied properly. 

Going Old School

Now, this product, Vintage Burn, made by the Old School company, is old-school only by design while being a state of the art, scientifically-based addition to any sportsperson’s diet. Highly effective, it quickly turns fat into energy that you can use to do more weightlifting or running, both of which burn more energy on their own and help build muscles. 

To list some of its components: olive leaf extract, garcinia fruit extract, chrysin, bacopa leaf extract… are all-natural ingredients, but carefully chosen to give an effect that is not fully natural, yet very beneficial to us.

Burn XT

Burn XT, made and promoted by their official producer, Jacked Factory, is based in the United States and is considered a solid vegan fat burner. The cellulose-based tablet does not harm the contents themselves and is easier to swallow than some of the other polymer-based ones. 

It is listed as a thermogenic fat burner, meaning it works by increasing your core body temperature. But not only that, but it also suppresses appetite to help you fight a calorie intake, something that many people struggle with today. 


A supplement that is designed for women, it takes fat burners to a whole new level. Not only does it make you burn fat quicker, with the help of natural ingredients such as turmeric root, but it also utilizes the effects of glucomannan and raspberry ketones to help limit one’s appetite. 

In addition to this, it contains a mix of very healthy vitamins and minerals to keep the body’s internal balance checked while on this dietary challenge. This mix of ingredients is what makes it specifically designed for women, so it should not be taken by younger girls, nor by men, though there have been cases where it has given positive results even with them. 

Top Vegan Fat Burners

With any fat burner, vegan or not, you have to be careful not to overdo it and end up with health problems. Fat is needed to keep the body warm, as well as for many metabolic reasons. But an excess of fat, bordering the overweight limit, is only putting a strain on your body and should be taken care of one way or another. And fat burners are a powerful tool in that quest for a slender body.

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