Want A Casual Chic Look? Here Are Some Tips

Are you after a relaxed but sophisticated look that won’t break the bank and take you hours to achieve? Or perhaps whenever you try and look casual, you err on the side of scruffy? Or is it the other extreme and you end up looking like you are about to attend a black-tie event? Dressing oneself is all a careful balance that takes some pointers and practice. Here are some smart and savvy tips to ensure you look the part you desire.

The key to achieving an effortless shabby-chic appearance is not looking too “put together” and “matchy-matchy”, but rather layering your outfit with a few statements, classic pieces. Think a plain T-shirt and jeans combo, with a pair of vintage heeled booties. Just one element of sophistication and elegance can turn your casual get-up into the perfect amount of ‘dressy’ for most occasions. This type of styling can be adapted to suit most climates, budgets, tastes, and body sizes. Let’s get stylin’!

Tips for Casual Chic Look

Build Up A Collection Of A Few Statement Staples

Whether you are an avid thrifter, high-end buyer, online shopper or prefer scratching through the racks of fast fashion chains, it is helpful to try and accumulate a few key pieces that can dress up (or dress down) your look. Think hats, scarves, shoes, coats, earrings, or a bag. For example, a pair of sneakers is a sure way to change a look. Just like a top hat guarantees you mean business. These items can instantly change the look you are going for, taking you from casual to smart-casual or formal to informal. For some people, especially in colder climates, buying a few statement pieces per weather season works. So for instance, each winter, they will buy a few stylish jumpers and some good quality trousers that can be worn with any outfit combination. If you invest in a few good quality, versatile garments, you will get a bank for your buck in that they will last you for many seasons to come. What’s more, you will guarantee the chic part of your ensemble.

Layers, Layers, And More Layers.

Layers are a clever way of achieving an interesting and textured getup. This type of dressing is also helpful if you live in a colder climate or a place where the weather changes multiple times in one day. You can always add or remove an item depending on your comfort level. Layering is the ultimate bohemian look and is a smart way to blend different styles. Long shirts under knit jumpers, black tights under wide-leg cut-off jeans, we love the layered look. A few chunky, bold beaded chains over your simple black number. It is the perfect mix of casual chic and we are here for it.

Matching Is Not Necessary

It is time to re-wire your brain that tells you matching is important when it comes to dressing. Mixing spots and stripes, who says no? Color-blocking two bold, “opposing” colors, bring it on! Sometimes the most unlikely pieces create the perfect garment marriage that you would not have expected. Get crazy with your combinations and let’s see what fashion magic happens. You could well be pleasantly surprised at what you come up with and the compliments you receive. There are no hard rules when it comes to fashion, and so if it is working for you, then work it!

Part of the key to looking effortlessly casual chic is wearing items that are both attractive but comfortable too. When choosing your garments, try to opt for materials that are natural and breathe easily. If you go for too many synthetics, you might sweat and feel less comfortable. Natural textiles like organic cotton, hemp, linen, or burlap are but a few of the many options. Yes sometimes you will pay a little more, but this speaks to the above point on quality key pieces.

Tips for Casual Chic Look

Less Is More

We certainly believe this to be true when it comes to makeup and hair for your perfect casual-chic look. Too much makeup and hair product scream too much effort and that certainly does not scream casual. Keep it simple and accentuate your natural features where possible. Excessive eyeliner and hairspray are so early-2000s.

When it comes to styling your perfect casual chic look, the key is actually in simplicity and smart combinations. These tips look at some of the simple but strategic ways you can ensure your wardrobe is equipped with the ideal outfit enhancers. Hopefully, these strategies have sparked your creative flair and you are ready to haul out some forgotten old favorites, or it is time to hit the shops. Remember, it does not need to cost you a fortune as it is about being savvy with your purchasing and outfit planning. Sometimes dressing down can help you with dressing up. 

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