Top Things Every Gym Bag Must Have – #TriedImpressa

I have recently started working out and hitting the gym. I have come to the realization that the only person responsible for my health is me and I need to get my body in tip top shape. When I was in the army, I worked out every single day. I did 5 mile runs, pushups, sit-ups, you name it. While I can no longer do sit-ups and pushups, there are however a few recommended exercises that my physical therapist recommended. Yoga being one of them. I bought myself some at home workout yoga videos and I do them in the comfort of my home and sometimes in my front yard. Neighbors I know you see me, the crazy black lady doing poses that she has no idea if she’s doing correctly, but it’s all good, at least I’m getting back in shape, and taking control. However there are days when I do hit the gym and if you’re like me, you may have been in a position where you arrive at the gym, only to find out that something is missing from your gym bag.  While I love to blame it on my busy life I lead as an adult, we are all imperfect human beings and sometimes I just chalk it up as being human. Today I want to share this list of the top things that I think every gym bag should have.

This conversation is brought to you by Acorn and Poise Impressa® Bladder Supports. All opinions are my own.

Water Bottle – this should be a given, you must remain hydrated when putting in a good workout, so designate a specific water bottle that stays in your gym bag. If you forget to fill it, at least it is there to fill with the water at your local gym.

Lip Balm – every woman needs lip balm, because your lips will dry out as you sweat your way through your workout at the gym, keep an extra set of your favorite lip hydrated lip balm in that gym bag for easy access during your workout session.

Deodorant & Wet Wipes – the best way to refresh after a hefty gym workout is to put new deodorant on and have those wet wipes or baby wipes ready to wipe yourself up so as to not stink your car up on the drive home.

Headphones – While I didn’t mention an MP3 player, it’s a given that you need some music and your phone can also double as your player. Music energizes you and there’s nothing better than working out to your favorite playlist. Headphones also muffle out the sounds from other gym users. I highly suggest getting a good pair of bluetooth headset that allows you to take phone calls and listen to your music.

Extra Socks – whether you work out with or without socks, you must carry a second set, who knows how stinky your feet may get sweating in the gym during your session, be sure to have that one extra clean set in your gym bag at all times.

Nutrition or Energy Bar – the perfect snack that is usually packed with protein to keep your body rejuvenated and on par to finish strong with every work out you have at the gym. Purchase an extra box of your favorite bars and keep them in your gym bag.

Towel – this item should be a no brainer, yet it’s the most forgotten item in your gym bag, why? Because we just are living so fast paced we neglect that one obvious item, this happen to the best of us. Keep an extra towel in your gym bag for quick dry off after your session.

Poise Impressa – I make sure to have my Poise Impressa always on hand. Why? I suffer from SUI (Stress Urinary Incontinence), simply put, whenever I work out excessively, laugh too hard, sneeze, there’s always that chance that I’m going to leak. Poise Impressa is used just like a tampon, but it’s really not. It doesn’t soak up leaks but stops it before it even happens, keeping me fresh and clean. Now I can work out without having to worry that me being in the gym is going to leave me embarrassed.

Here’s why I use and never go anywhere without my Poise Impressa.

Whatever you plan to do with this information, is up to you, but I hope that my list of top things every gym bag must have, helps direct you towards being more proactive in preparedness the next visit to your local gym. Once you have your gym bag set up with all of you essentials you’ll spend more time towards working on your goals and less time about what you’ve forgotten. And if you also suffer from SUI, don’t forget your Poise Impressa. You can pick them up at your local Walmart today!

Let’s discuss: What essentials do you keep in your gym bag? 

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