9 Best Tips You Can’t-Miss When Moving Into Your New Home

According to Heraclitus, “The only constant in life is change.”

Hence, it is a no-brainer if you will be moving from one place to another. It can be because you have landed your dream job somewhere or you are starting your own family. Another could be that you can now afford to have a house in a quaint neighborhood.

Whatever the reason, we know that moving to a new house is a significant decision. So much so that you need to keep these nine tips in mind to transition without the hassle:

Tips You Cant Miss When Moving Into Your New Home

1. Arrange your utilities

Take the time to arrange your utilities before you move into your new home. Ensure that you took the time to make sure everything is ready to go and to work well. 

Before you move, check first if your cooling, electricity, water, heating, phone, and internet are set up. You can opt to get in contact with your waste management facility to make sure that your home is set up for garbage pick-up too. 

2. Inspect for repairs

Check whether the landlord will shoulder repairs and maintenance. Create a list of issues you found and would want to repair. Then, stay at home during the inspection.

If anything needs to be fixed, you can ask the seller to take care of the costs before closing the sale. 

Although you are not required to repair everything immediately, making a list of the things that needed to be done will let you put together your repair needs into perspective. It also ensures that everything will be dealt with accordingly.

This will place you on the right footing later on when you’re planning to get the ball moving. 

3. Tell others of your new address

Before moving in, inform other people about your new address, such as important people and organizations. 

Let’s say that you’re getting your monthly bank statements through the mail. It would help if you contacted the bank about your new address to not miss getting your statements. You can also transfer your utility bills to your new address so that you won’t miss out on your monthly payments. 

See it to update your monthly subscriptions on magazines and other regular mails that you get. Doing so stops you from ordering things at least a month or so of your planned move. That way, you don’t have to worry about delayed delivery or having it delivered to your old address. 

The same thing goes if you own a car. It is easy to move from one place to another if you are traveling by land. However, you will be shipping cars when you’re moving overseas.

4. Get new locks

You’ll never know how many copies of keys are floating around. Not unless you get new locks or rekey your existing locks. 

The place’s previous owners may have given a spare key to friends and family. For your peace of mind, you should consider getting new ones instead. 

This is something that you should do before moving into your new space. 

5. Deep cleaning

At Maid Sailors Cleaning Services NYC, they always tell clients to clean their new house before moving in. That way, you won’t have that added difficulty of already having boxes and furniture lying around.

If you want to wait until you move in, that’s alright. However, you should not skip cleaning entirely. The same thing goes if there’s a cleaning crew coming in and handing the keys. This is something that you should not miss out. 

If you don’t have the time to don your cleaning gloves or grab a mop, then you should consider hiring professional cleaners instead to do the job for you. 

Whether you pay via time or expense, you can start a new life in your new home with a clean slate. 

6. Check for pests

Before you and your loved ones move to a new place, make sure that you check for pests as well. 

You can call an exterminator to plug a hole for pests and then spray to deter them from coming back in the near future. 

7. Fresh coat of paint

One of the most affordable ways to freshen up your new house’s look is to repaint its walls

It is up to you to choose your color palette and timeline. However, we suggest that you use a white primer.

Another tip is to paint the house while it is still empty. That way, you do not have to move furniture here and there. Otherwise, you will be splattering paint in your things. 

If you plan to hire professional painters, ask them if they should give you at least a discount for empty rooms.

Since all they need to do is lay out a tarp on the floor and not cover any furniture, the job is a lot quicker, saving you a lot of money. 

Best Home Improvements to Increase Value
Best Home Improvements to Increase Value

8. Introduce yourself to your neighbors

Meeting your neighbors will be a lot less awkward once you’ve already moved in. 

Apart from putting your best foot forward, meeting your neighbors is a great way to know about your community. This includes knowing who you should turn to should you need a helping hand. You can also get recommendations of the best schools, grocery, or local farmer’s markets nearby. 

Although you don’t have to go from one house or another, see to it that you introduce yourself the first time you run with a new neighbor. Being friendly around people goes a long way. 

9. Be prepared for any emergencies

You should know how you can get to the closest ER, have local emergency numbers with you just in case, or a first aid kit that can come in handy. 

Also, put together a plan on what you need to do if a fire or a natural disaster happens. Regularly review these procedures as well as your family’s meeting places in case these happen. 

Practice a drill as well. 

In Conclusion

Moving to your new home is exciting and overwhelming. But following the tips listed above can help make everything as seamless as possible. 

And in case you cannot do everything on your own, do not hesitate to ask for help. This includes your family, friends, and professionals. Good luck with your move!

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