Tips To Survive Back to School Shopping

Back to school, words us moms like to celebrate after a long summer. After spending months with the kids we long for the day they return to school. While we all like spending time with our kids we do need a break as well. With our tight schedules and limited budgets a shopping spree sometimes just isn’t at the top of our lists, unless we are swimming in cash.

These mom-tested tips will have your children ready for back to school in record time without busting your budget and the bank!

1. Start with a plan: A master back-to-school shopping list is a must for each child returning to school. Sit down with the kids (if they are of the proper age) and discuss with them budget trade-offs. An example of a trade-off could be waiting to buy a pair of new shoes and a backpack so they can get the latest pair of jeans.

2. Closet-cleaning: Before you hit the stores get them to clean out their closets! Sort through their clothes, that way you know what fits and what they need. Sell the old clothes online (eBay is a great site to list your gently used clothing), you can also hold a garage sale if it might just add a few more dollars to your budget.

3. Check for deals online: Amazon has a ton of back to school deals that you can score for a fraction of the price compared to department stores. Think of school supplies, electronics, and even clothes. If you are an Amazon Prime Member you also get free 2-day shipping which means you beat the in-store crowd and have your items delivered right to your door.

4. It’s best one-on-one: The best way to tackle shopping is by taking each child individually, that way they each won’t feel that their time is spent waiting on their siblings to try on clothing or finding that perfect outfit. In the long run, it will save you time too.

5. Snag Sweet Deals: The biggest challenge is sticking to a budget when doing back to school shopping with your kids. By giving them a visual of the actual funds they have to spend, either on paper or by using real money, they’ll learn the value of money and how to stretch the budget, while making the best possible choices for their needs. Use this as a way to teach them to search for bargains and other ways they can stretch their budget, whether it’s by in-store specials or even coupons. It’s never to early to teach your little ones the value of money.

By following these 5 tips you’ll be well on your way to creating more time for yourself and staying within your budget. Back to school shopping will be a breeze this year, or maybe not.

What tips do you have for surviving back to school shopping? 

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