January 2014 Stork Stack Box – 24 Month Old #Review

It’s the new year and it’s time once again to review our subscription boxes. This is our first box of the month. This month our Stork Stack came a bit late due to the weather on their end according to the email that we received. When it did show up it came together with our Citrus Lane which we will share with you tomorrow. I have had this box for a few days now and my feelings are still mixed about it. 

For those of you who have no inkling what Stork Stack is all about, it is a subscription service that caters to babies from the third trimester to toddlers up to age 3. To find out what we received last month, you can check out what we got in our December box. I also have a full list of the boxes we receive in our subscription tab right above and it gives you the list of each box month by month. 

Once again Stork Stack decided to do a digital card which read: 

Happy 2014 from Stork Stack! We’re excited to share our newest Stack with you and we promise it was worth the wait. 

We are thrilled to introduce a brand new company and some of its products to you (yes, you are the first customers to get your hands on them)! Introducing Harvest! Harvest products come to you from makers of one of our member-favorite brands, Spuds, Inc. This new line was sprung from a health–obsessed creative movement that proudly designs, manufactures and distributes their own Farmhouse Modern style of all natural & organic children’s toys, apparel & gear in a century-old facility located in the heartland of America. Harvest products are made from natural & recycled materials like rice hulls, wheat straw, wood, potatoes, corn, wheat, soy, bee’s wax, bamboo, cotton & cardboard. 

At Stork Stack, we know how much our members enjoy discovering new products. We are thrilled to be the first to introduce you to Harvest!

A new company that we’ve never heard about. A new company that sounds like a delight. I couldn’t wait to open my box and see what I received. According to Stork Stack each box is supposed to have 3 of these brand new products. How exciting! 

Harvest Cork Stacker Set:


As your baby grows this toy will keep him/her busy at quiet play, an excellent early exploration tool, Harvest is proud to offer this beautiful rendition of a classic toy. Our cork stacker blocks help children develop fine motor skills, special awareness, &  pattern recognition. Besides being a great educational toy, this stacker block set is just beautiful. Naturally antibacterial these blocks are made of all natural cork sustainably harvested exclusively for Harvest, these blocks do not contain any chemicals or coatings. Both the square and triangle sets are adorned with a simple hand stamped natural decoration and are just waiting for a child to love them! 

Harvest Keys:


Each set of keys performs double duty as both a rattle and teether. This teether is a must have for your little one. The perfect solution to plastic teethers! Made in Harvest’s own Farm House style tradition of using simple materials drawn from natural sources that allow children to use and strengthen their imagination and provide sensory stimulation. Love the smooth feel of the all-natural, colored, reclaimed wood. Each of the keys are made from reclaimed wood, chips captured from the logging industry pressed into boards, organically colored throughout and coated with a NO VOC finish for a long durable life. The “C” ring is made from a reclaimed potato bio-polymer that adds another teething surface that provides harder resistance for cutting teeth. The exclusive “C” ring also allow the tater tie to be attached to diaper bags, strollers and the like. The “C” ring can be slipped comfortably over baby’s wrist, making a loyal pal who won’t end up on the floor. Rings are available in 6 fun colors.

Harvest Wheat Shape Rollers:


Here is a chance to drive as long as far as you want without worrying about the cost of gas, getting new tires or the environment. Our Harvest wheat shape rollers are made from wheat straw! That’s the stuff left over after wheat is harvested. One look into the depth of this 

natural material and you’ll see such character, not unlike the children who play with them, in each piece. Each wheat shape roller is hand crafted in our own toy shop. The unique design allows for shape recognition and a natural grasping area is great for the little one learning to crawl and walk. The bodies 

are partially painted with NO VOC organic paint and coated with several coats of a NO VOC clear finish for a long durable life. 

“Party!” Helping Hands – book


What theme would you like for your party? What do we need to prepare? And who’s going to help? Helping with real tasks is a natural progression from pretend play, and is a crucial stage in a child’s development. 

KIND Healthy Snacks


KIND, makers of wholesome and delicious snack foods, just released their very first whole-grain based bar line, KIND Healthy Grains Bars. These new bars of composed of a blend of a 100% whole grains (amaranth, quinoa, millet, buck-wheat, and gluten-free oats), and like all KIND products, are made with all natural ingredients you can see and pronounce. 

This month wasn’t too bad of a box. I liked getting to know a new company although the products were a little too young for me. I’m a big girl now. I am almost 2 years old. Yes the big day is coming up very soon, so I really was not interested in keys and rattles but I did have a bit of a good time with the roller and the cork stacker. My brother enjoyed my KIND bar and I really loved my book. My book was right on time for my birthday. It’s all about a little boy who helped his mom prepare for his big party. The illustrations were beautiful and the book is a paper book but is made of that very durable paper that is unlikely to tear or rip. Perfect for the little ones. 

Since the Harvest company is brand new there were no prices so I have no idea what our box this month costs. The monthly subscription for your Stork Stack box is $27.99/month but if you want to get your own Stork Stack box you can use my link to get $10 off your first box. If the link doesn’t work you can use the following discount code A241300F.

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