Tips for Choosing the Right Tankless Water Heater

Tankless water heaters are becoming popular by the day. Most people call them instantaneous water heaters since they’re able to heat vast amounts of water in a few seconds, and they’re so small that you can fit them into any kitchen.

They have their good and bad sides, but one thing is sure – they’re the best choice for your household. In this article, we’ll share with you some useful tips on how to choose the right tankless water heater for your home.

Tips for Choosing the Right Tankless Water Heater

How It Works

Tankless heaters are becoming more popular due to their small size and energy efficiency as they’re delivering hot water whenever it’s necessary rather than reheating it regularly during the day.

One of the biggest advantages of these compact heaters is the fact that they can heat a lot more water compared to traditional heaters. A new tankless heater will warm as much water as you need using an electricity or gas burner. They have their limitations in terms of the unit’s flow rate, but they’re enough to provide hot water for everyone in your household.

Check the Size

One of the most common mistakes that house owners often make is not to check the size of their tankless system. Since the tankless water heater sizes can vary, you should think about your daily consumption and choose a bigger heater if you have a big family, or a small one, if you’re the only person in the house.

According to the research, an average US home uses around 64 gallons of water every day. However, the information that matters the most for you is a gallon-per-minute ratio since that’s how you’ll know how fast it can heat the water from the moment you open your tap.

Usually, you can see larger units in the houses, while apartment owners prefer smaller ones. That’s why it’s crucial to know your needs and get a heater with the best flow rate.

Read All Your Warranties

When you purchase a new tankless water heater, make sure you read all the warranties. Hard water can seriously damage your heater, and after just a few years, its pipes might get clogged. Premium heaters come with an extended warranty that covers a myriad of situations, and they might even send a new one if your heater stops working.

Since this is one of the devices that you’ll use every day and it’s essential to your everyday life, try to make more room in your budget and get a quality heater that will work well for at least 20 years and that comes with a lengthy guarantee period.

Water Heater Efficiency

Tankless water heaters can save you a lot of money since they’re very energy-efficient. They’re only working when you need the water, otherwise, they’re idling. Compared to a classic water heater that keeps the water warm all day and uses electricity constantly, this is a much easier option.

Tips for Choosing the Right Tankless Water Heater

Replaceable Parts

When you start looking at new tankless heaters, make sure you’re buying a brand that offers all spare parts. If you purchase your device from an unknown brand and realize that you can’t get the necessary components in case of an emergency, then you’ll be in a serious problem. Plus, you might even have to change the whole unit.

On-demand water systems have to be made to allow the electricians to replace any part that has stopped functioning.

Compact Design

Since tankless heaters take up a lot less space, you’ll be able to place them in your kitchen, bathroom, or any other place without a big renovation project. They can be mounted behind your kitchen or in one of its lower cabinets, and that’s it. All they need is an electrical plug, and they’re ready.

Check If You Need a Power Upgrade

Tankless heating systems require more electricity to deliver hot water, and in old houses, the electric grid cannot sustain it. That’s why you need to consult with a professional to tell you whether it’s possible to install a new one first to upgrade the power source in your kitchen.

Storage Tank

Some households have a higher demand for hot water, and if the appliances can’t deliver, you might need to purchase additional water storage. With it, you’ll be able to use much more water as the heater will store all its water there. For big families, this is the best option, especially when the whole family is at home.

Enjoy Your Hot Showers

When you’re looking to buy a tankless water heater, there’s a lot to keep in mind. It is not an easy decision, and that’s why you should take your time to make the right choice. Now that you know what to look for, you’ll quickly find a new tankless water heater and enjoy long showers without any sense of regret. 

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