Traveling To Houston? Know These 5 Things Before You Go

Whenever you have to travel, preplanning goes a long way. A bustling city like Houston would have required you to have figured out everything in advance.

Houston is a metropolitan city, a space hub, and home to many southerners. It is famous for its tex-mex cuisine, soaring skyscrapers, and much more. 

Are you already clicking away to book flight tickets? Hold your horses! We’ve compiled a list of five things you should know before you travel to Houston.

Sit tight because we will be discussing the best prices for hotels and getting free entry into major attractions. We will also be talking about how to avoid rush hour traffic while getting around town and enjoying the culture in Houston.

1. Standard Accommodation Costs In Houston

Typically, you can find accommodation in Houston at affordable rates. The rates are incredibly cheap if it’s okay with you to stay on the outskirts of the city.

A budget hotel could cost you around $40 a night. If you want to cut down on room costs even further, look for a hostel dorm. Such hotels are suitable for when you’ll be traveling all day and only go to the room to sleep. Dorm rooms cost about $28 a night.

If you want to stay within walking distance of all the famous tourist attractions in Houston, you can get a 3–4 star hotel for up to $110 a night. You can read all about the various eccentric hotels in Houston on

Some fun Airbnb options are available in Houston for people traveling in groups.

2. Get a Houston CityPASS®

When traveling with your family, buying a CityPASS® is a surefire way to save money. The Houston CityPASS® offers you incredible discounts on major attractions.

Here’s the list of attractions to which a Houston CityPASS® ticket covers free entry:

  • Space Center Houston (dedicated ticket)
  • Plus, your choice of any 4 of the following attractions:
    • Downtown Aquarium
    • Houston Museum of Natural Science
    • Houston Zoo
    • Children’s Museum Houston
    • Kemah Boardwalk (All-Day Ride Pass)
    • Museum of Fine Arts, Houston

The pass is valid for 9 days after its first use. Moreover, it can be kept for 1 year, after which it expires.

3. Getting Around in Houston

While it is true that most of Houston city is car-dependent, you can always find alternatives for getting from one place to another.

The metro rail system in Houston is convenient and accessible. The train passes through the heart of the city. The railway route is full of attractions. For example, you might see NRG park and downtown Houston on your way.

You can find around 90 bicycle stations around the city. Also, there is a low-cost bicycle-sharing program that’s very popular among residents of Houston. This program comes at a cost of $3 per 30 minutes.

4. Southern Culture in Houston

Some of these things might seem strange to anyone out of town, but Houston is a culturally diverse city.

Although, you can’t go around Houston without feeling like a cowboy at times. “Howdy?” is an acceptable greeting anywhere in this city. The locals will pull you in with their southern Texas appeal.

Politeness is the norm here and is the most natural thing for Houston locals. Southerners see manners in high regard. Don’t be surprised if you ask something and the answer is “Yes, sir’ or “No, ma’am.”

5. Beat the Traffic in Houston

Since Houston is a vast metropolitan city, traffic jams are inevitable and expected. Houston houses more than 6 million people. And getting stuck in traffic can be extremely exhausting on overcrowded streets.

Here’s what you need to know. Most people leave for work at 7 a.m. Then, they leave the office at 5 in the evening. Your chances of beating Houston traffic increase incredibly if you get out at 9 am or 3 pm. 2 hours early or 2 hours before rush hour is when you should be out and about. 

Protip: Whenever you wake up in the morning, check the weather updates for Houston. Rainfall makes the traffic situation ten times worse.

In Conclusion

You’ll find dazzling festivals, attractions, and events in Houston all year round. It is not only a concrete-jungle getaway but also a cultural experience. If you visit once, you’ll surely come back for more.

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