Terrible-Riffic Thursday: ER Visit and Bowling

So yesterday went pretty well for me, today not so good.

After mommy went to work this morning I had a slight mishap that landed me in the Emergency Room. It seems like my daredevil ways did not go down too well and I ended up having a huge knot on my head and a cut right above my eye. I have to remember jumping off the bed is not a good thing. That’s what my trampoline is for.

Waiting on my doc to see me

I hate going to the ER and so does mommy but she was kind enough to meet me and daddy there. ER visits usually take all day and nobody has time for that!

While in my room I thought that it would be a good idea to have a look around my room. As if my antics that morning wasn’t bad enough I thought that it would be great getting up on stool that was available to see if the tap in the sink worked. Thank goodness mommy and daddy was there because who knows what would have happened if they weren’t. They helped me on the stool and boy did that water feel good on my hand.

The doctor finally came and after hearing everything that happened took a look at my eye and declared that it wasn’t that bad and decided that instead of sutures that they would go ahead and glue the cut on my eye back together. After a quick fix with their magic glue my eye was all better. Mommy and daddy are supposed to keep it dry and clean for me since I can’t do it by myself and to use sunscreen whenever I go outside. It’s a good thing I already do. My nice doctor said that I may have a scar but if I do I’ll have this amazing story to tell.

That’s a lot of people helping me get glued back together

As for my knot on my forehead they said that because I didn’t fall from too far a distance and I wasn’t throwing up they thought that I was ok and there was no need for a CT Scan. They did give mommy signs to look out for within the next 24 hrs after a head injury such as repeated vomiting, severe headaches (not sure how mommy will be able to tell if I have a headache but I’m sure she’ll know something), change in my behavior or speech, convulsions, increasing scalp or facial swelling, redness, warmth or pus from the swollen area and fluid drainage or bleeding form the nose or ears. If any of those happen I’m supposed to return IMMEDIATELY to the ER. Since I was such a good patient I got a Pedialyte pop. Guess ER visits aren’t so bad after all.

Eye looks a lot better and I got a popsicle for being good

Well my day didn’t end there. Instead of getting worse it got infinitely better. I got to go bowling. Yay me! I’ve never gone bowling before and mommy’s FRG (Family Readiness Group) hosted their monthly meeting at the bowling alley. Since I didn’t know how to bowl because I’m too little I got to watch others bowl. I did have fun though. Being the youngest at the bowling alley does have its pros. Everyone lets me run around and say how cute I am doing it. That really makes me feel special. Here’s to being the baby!

They were too heavy for me! 

I hope everyone had a great day today. Its Friday tomorrow and I can’t wait to see what adventure awaits me tomorrow.

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