A Complete Guide on Taking Care of a Havapoo – the Havanese Poodle Mix

Taking care of a pet dog is an exceedingly rewarding experience. With proper care, they become your friends in no time. Soon, you may start to feel the need to keep your beloved pup with you wherever you go. Choosing the right breed is crucial, as the dog will eventually become an integral part of your life. Dogs differ in their requirements and need specific care according to their nature and breed.

Taking Care of a Havapoo

A Havapoo is such a dog breed that can be taken care of without most of the common hassles associated with dogs. They are extremely calm and composed in nature and can easily blend into the homes of any family that is kind enough to meet their basic necessities. Havapoos are very intelligent and gladly mix with their caregivers. They hardly make a fuss or cause a ruckus – making it convenient even to keep them at homes with newborns. Make sure you know all about taking care of a pet Havapoo before deciding to adopt one. This article discusses all the essential aspects of Havapoo pet care and is intended for both beginners and the experienced.

The Basics of a Havapoo Dog Breed

The Havapoo, as the name suggests, is a cross-breed between a Havanese and a Poodle. Either of the two types of poodles – the Miniature and the Toy – can be responsible for breeding a Havapoo. Due to being cross-bred, Havapoos have the characteristic traits and physique of their parents, making them ideal as pets.

This brilliant breed of dog is very easy to train due to its curious nature and high energy levels. You can conveniently handle them without the fear of allergic reactions because of the hypoallergenic nature of their fur. Children love Havapoos due to these characteristics and tend to become attached to them quickly. Even the elderly find great solace in taking care of a Havapoo as these smart pups will sit beside you for hours without causing a commotion. All in all, the amount of effort required to keep a Havapoo content is significantly lower than that of most other dogs.

A Havapoo is also known as a Poovanese and might also be known by other names in different regions. Make sure you are getting the right breed when ordering or adopting one. Various pet stores and puppy breeders sell these cute little dogs. You can check out Havapoo puppies for sale to place an order. The organization selling the puppy would have all information regarding this breed. Make sure to get them before taking your new best friend home.

The Diet of a Havapoo Dog Breed

The feeding time of your pet is, arguably, the highlight of their day. Giving it the right food directly influences its growth, maturity, and temperament. The quality of food may vary greatly. You can order standard dog food from a general store, or prepare it by yourself if you know the process. We recommend giving your Havapoo the ideal pet food you find in pet stores, or one that is recommended by a vet or a professional.

A young Havapoo puppy needs to be fed more frequently than an older dog of the same breed. There are no hard and fast dietary rules as it totally depends on the size, age, and metabolism of the dog. However, it is a good practice to provide 30-50 calories worth of food per pound of body weight. A lot depends on the activities of your Havapoo. Some days may be exciting for your pet – making your pet burn more calories than usual. You need to perceive these situations and feed accordingly.

Dogs have changing energy demands at different stages of their lives. While an adult dog might take meals less frequently, the amount of food intake is significantly higher than a puppy. Old dogs prefer isolation and small, infrequent meals. Make sure you act according to the age of your Havapoo before making any rash, uninformed decisions that may cause your beloved pet to suffer.

Groom, Exercise, and Train Your Havapoo

Due to the tranquil nature of the Havapoo breed, it is quite easy to groom them. Gently brush their delicate coat of fur every day to ensure it remains soft and smooth while removing any loose hair. Give your pet Havapoo a good bath twice a month, even if it does not like it. Various pet care products, like oils, body washes, and specialized dog shampoos are available on the market. Make sure to use such products whenever you give the dog a bath.

Training a Havapoo is somewhat easier relative to most other dogs of a similar type. All you need to do is show proper support and attention to your pup, and it will respond accordingly. Allow treats every time it successfully responds to your orders. Have patience and keep faith in your little buddy. Practice every day, and stay with your pet the whole time. This will enhance your relationship with the dog, and gradually it will become easier for your dog to follow your directions.

Go for long walks with your Havapoo – which we believe is already on your mind. An hour and a half of casual striding in each other’s company can boost your friendship and make your dog exercise daily. Train your pup to play fetch with you. This is a brilliant recreational activity for the Havapoo while burning some serious calories in the process.

In Conclusion:

At the end of the day, all your Havapoo would truly seek is a comfortable home and kind owners. Allowing them that can go a long way in establishing a special bond. Keeping your dog healthy and jovial completely depends on you. As the article has described, taking care of a Havapoo is no rocket science! All you need is proper knowledge about the intricacies of taking care of a Havapoo dog breed. Make sure you are well aware of these before opting to get one.

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