Surprising Laundry Tips with Tide purclean™ – #TidePurclean

I’m all for saving and protecting our environment. After all, I do have my kids to think about and their kids, ensuring that our generation has a long and healthy life in the years to come. I do my part by recycling, even though it’s not required in my town and I try to buy as many natural products as I can. While it may cost more, I don’t worry about the price because as my mom used to say, “spend more for quality and not quantity”. That is also why I have been a fan of Tide laundry detergent for as long as I can remember. It was the only detergent that my mom used in our household and it is also a staple in mine as well. After all laundry is one of the most necessary chore that all households have to deal with. Laundry is like your friend and enemy all balled into one. If you are like the average American, then you probably have a basket or two of laundry right now sitting there waiting for you to go fold it. That’s how life is with laundry; it seems to be placed low on the totem pole of priorities. We get it, it happens to us too, but there’s ways around this. If you are looking to get the laundry more of a friend and less of an enemy then we want to share with you some surprising laundry tips that you may not know with the help of the new Tide purclean™. 

I was super excited when I found out that Tide was introducing a brand new product to the market, the very first bio-based laundry detergent and it was available at Target. Tide purclean™ is certified bio-based by the USDA bio-preferred program and has the cleaning power of Tide (with 65% bio-based ingredients). Bio-based products are derived from plants and other renewable agricultural, marine, and forestry materials. The new Tide purclean™ formula, however is made with 100% renewable electricity and at a zero manufacturing waste to landfill site. Did you know that bio-based products also help us increase our use of renewable resources while decreasing our use of non-renewable resources, such as petroleum? 

I was able to pick up pick up my Tide purclean™ at Target while they were on sale and I even got some extra savings by using the $1.00 off neckhanger coupon that was on the bottle and my additional 10% savings by using Target’s Cartwheel mobile app. Both of these savings are available through July 30, 2016.  

If you’re skeptical that this new Tide purclean™ really works, don’t be. It works just as great as your regular tide and I have used it on all of our clothing in my household. I’m talking about children in all stages of life. The college student, the high schooler, the pre-teen and the pre-schooler. This new Tide purclean™ has not only helped me keep my sanity by eliminating dirt and grime along with grass stains, but has left my clothes looking great as well. So without further ado, here are 10 surprising laundry tips that you may not have known.

Use a safe to use stain remover that can stay on clothing while wearing it and days before you even wash the garment to ensure your clothes stay stain free. Tide purclean™ can be used as a stain remover and pre-treater.

Stop using the longest washer setting; this will save on utility bills too. There’s no reason to watch every load for the full length, start washing smaller loads on shorter settings.

Get a sock clip to keep matching socks together during the washer and dryer load. Socks seem to love to disappear on us; a sock clip alleviates that stress.

Stop using dryer sheets on towels! This will allow your towels to absorb more water when you dry off with them.

Use vinegar and baking soda to spruce up that old favorite towel that needs to be replaced but you simply can’t part with it.

Dry smaller loads at a time, we get that you want that laundry done faster so you overload the dryer. That only takes more time, believe it or not. Try two smaller dryer loads next time.

Use a compartmentalized bag inside your laundry basket, this will allow you to take care of clothes quicker as they are already organized in the basket.

Use a pre-measured laundry detergent; this alleviates time involved in measuring out the perfect amount of laundry soap for every wash.

Enlist your kids to do laundry, kids as young as two years old can start folding items. Let the family help you get the laundry sorted, it’s all about teamwork, right?!

Use a teaspoon of salt to avoid fading colors, this will help keep your colored laundry brighter for longer.

There you have it, 10 surprising laundry tips that will help you save time, save money and save the headaches! However, don’t forget to pick up your Tide purclean™which will also help in that department and in turn you’ll be helping to do your own part in protecting our environment. We hope that you will use some of these tips as a means to start enjoying laundry time again.

Let’s discuss: Do you have more laundry tips to share? 

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