What Professional Piercers Want You to Know Before Getting Pierced

What Professional Piercers Want You to Know Before Getting Pierced

Piercings have become quite a fashion statement in recent years, and most people you see on TV have one or two, making them even more popular. If you’re thinking about getting pierced, here are some key facts the professional piercers want you to know.


The first thing that you need to check is what kind of rules regarding the legal age of consent your state has for body art such as piercings and tattoos. The reason behind this is that almost all of the states have some kind of prohibition. Most of these prohibitions state that anyone under 18 is not eligible to get body art unless they have a note that indicates parental permission. Other states have a slightly different approach where the legal guardian must be present. In some severe cases, states have prohibitions that don’t make it possible for minors to get pierced at all. Make sure you check your state’s regulations, and your legal guardian’s goodwill if you’re underage before heading to your local shop. 


One of the things that customers don’t realize is important is to have a bite before coming in to get pierced. Many professional piercers have had a lot of cases of their customer’s fainting either before, during, or after getting a piercing. This should be avoided at all costs for many reasons. Firstly, if you pass out, you can fall and hit your head, which is the last thing you want to do. Secondly, eating before your meeting will help keep your blood sugar steady. The reason why this is important is that if your blood sugar suddenly decreases, as it usually does when the body thinks it’s facing danger, you can get dizzy, or even faint. And as we have just mentioned, this is something that should be avoided, as it can damage.


Getting yourself pierced is quite easy especially if you go to a professional piercer. While some of the types of piercings can be taken off with no precautions, the fact is, most will leave you with a small scar. This can be an especially important fact to the people who want to keep their face professional because they need to be taken seriously in the career path they have chosen. This doesn’t mean they can’t get pierced at all, there are many places on the body that you can choose from. Be sure to pick a spot, or a few which you, and only you like the best. Make sure to read this guide or to consult your piercer about the place you want to get pierced and the type of piercing that would go best for it.

What Professional Piercers Want You to Know Before Getting Pierced


Not everyone realizes that getting a needle through any part of their body will probably hurt. A surprising amount of people have some sort of an illusion that they will simply show up, and the piercing will magically appear with ease. This is far from the truth, as there is usually some level of discomfort present. Different parts of the body will hurt in different intensities. This is largely due to the number of nerve endings in that area. If a part of your body has a lot of nerve endings, the chances are it will probably hurt. However, not all people experience pain the same, so some might not feel a thing, but it’s still important to prepare yourself just in case of some mild bleeding and itching that initially occurs.


Professional piercers can’t stress this one enough. People usually don’t take getting pierced quite seriously, and they often think that just getting a piercing ends after they walk out of the shop. This is very far from the truth, because as with any other procedure, no matter how small it is, the wound should be kept in mint shape. This means you will have to disinfect it daily, up to 3, even 4 times. A piercing can accumulate bacteria if not kept clean, which can enter your bloodstream through the puncture. Since the surface area of piercing and skin is large, then chances are you will get an infection if you don’t clean it. Make sure to consult your professional piercer on what kind of products are best and safest for use, so you don’t get any side effects like dry skin.

Getting a piercing can be a lot of fun, and it can boost your look by a mile. However, you need to make sure to find a reputable piercer and consult them about the place and the type of piercing you want to get on it.

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