Are You Planning a Spring Bathroom Renovation? Check for These Top Trends

Looking to update your bathroom this spring? Here are the top trends you should be including in your design for maximum impact.

Spring Bathroom Renovation

Since it is one of the first and final rooms most people see each day, a fashionable and well-designed bathroom may have a profound effect on one’s quality of life. Learning about current bathroom design trends will help you settle on a look that suits you and your house. You certainly wouldn’t be the only one considering a bathroom makeover. In the next two years, over 56% of homeowners, according to a new poll, aim to update their bathrooms. These are a few prominent bathroom renovation ideas for 2023 that you’ll want to keep in mind, whether you’re planning a major makeover or just a few adjustments.

Bathroom Renovation Trends

Art in the Bathroom

People’s tastes in bathroom décor and the ways they express their individuality through it are shifting in 2023. The bathroom is a great spot to hang artwork since it is relatively “clean,” making bold color statements stand out. The correct décor depends on your style and the design constraints of your home. Art in the bathroom, whether modern pieces or ancient masterpieces, photographs, or sculptures, is an outstanding decor feature and a reflection of your sense of style.

Measure twice, cut once, and test for suitability in a damp environment. The same rule applies to the bathroom as it does to any other room in the house: huge works are best displayed in spacious areas where they can make a dramatic impact, while miniature works of art shine brightest when seen up close, which is why they go so well together on gallery walls.

Bathroom Taps With Shower

Bathroom taps are becoming more elegant, stunning, and fascinating every year, with a wide variety of types to choose from. However, 2023 is the year that bath taps with shower come onto the scene. There are many different types of them on the market – they might be curved in the traditional arch style or have clean, modern lines. Whatever design you choose, it will be the jewel of your bathroom. Just like a watch, necklace, or bracelet can finish off an outfit, so too will a tap finish off a bathroom. 

Terracotta and Lush Greens

Bathrooms with wallpaper were formerly considered a throwback to the 1970s, but this past year witnessed a return of peel-and-stick wallpaper in trendy new designs. As spring is here, green leafy leaves with a pinkish-brown terracotta contrast are popular on removable wallpaper for bathrooms. You can bet on seeing pink countertop accents and cozy, earthy hand towels with massive banana leaf walls and shower curtains.

Depending on the dimensions of the bathroom, this color scheme may take on a wide range of looks. Understandably, people would gravitate toward these colors after spending almost two years cooped up indoors with restricted travel options. When combined with moist, sun-soaked greens, they transform any bathroom into a tropical sanctuary.

Details That Are Invitingly Metallic

The most prominent trend for the master bathroom in 2023 is going to be focused on the hardware and fixtures. Use warmer metallics like champagne gold or brushed gold if you want to bring some coziness into a bathroom that is otherwise tiled in colder materials. You can make your bathroom look more futuristic and elegant if you use decoration or hardware that is made of metal. Metal finishes are trendy, but if you want to show your creative side, try mixing various metals.

Wet Rooms and Walk-In Showers

Once only seen in five-star hotels and cutting-edge residences, wet rooms and spacious walk-in showers are seeing a surge in popularity as consumers gain confidence in their ability to make informed design decisions. Luxury shower areas that emphasize health and relaxation are gaining popularity as homeowners reclaim the bathroom as an additional living space in the house. In response to the current preference for uncluttered spaces, walk-in showers and wet rooms are becoming more popular. A bathtub-free bathroom may be a fantastic eye-catcher.

Massive Colorful Floor Tiles

The color gray may have been a well-liked option for remodeling bathrooms in the past, but that’s about to change. This season, we are moving toward looks that are more vibrant and daring. Every day of the week, color wins out over gray. In recent years, bathrooms have been characterized by a predominance of shades of gray, but we predict a trend toward warmer hues shortly. This design is most often found in the cabinets for sinks, as well as tile floors and wall tiles. While some homeowners may be reluctant to employ these warm tones on the outside of their homes, gray may continue to be a well-liked alternative to white as a color choice.

Modern, Asymmetrical Mirrors

Better than ever before, asymmetrical mirrors are now in your hands. It’s not only that mirrors in unusual and geometric designs are all the rage. Like the rest of the bathroom, mirrors are getting high-tech upgrades. Anti-fog features, sophisticated touch controls, USB charging ports, and pretty much everything else you can think of can be included in a mirror. The time for gilded mirrors has long since passed. Now that curved frames are standard, you can express your individuality in your choice of look. 


Again, lighting is the most useful part of a bathroom’s design, so putting more emphasis on lighting will be the most important thing to do in 2023. Putting a chandelier in a bathroom seems very reasonable. But remember to put safety first; it should dangle around 6 feet above the floor, and you shouldn’t put a low-hanging light near a water source unless the fittings have ingress protection or are IP-rated.

In Conclusion

Although there are always going to be new trends in bathroom design, the aspects that have been discussed above will be around well beyond 2023. You can personalize the appearance of your bathroom by using some of these ideas. You may do this by selecting the appropriate hues, materials, finishes, and shapes for your space. Since it’s one of the locations you go to every day, both first thing in the morning and last thing at night, you need to give serious consideration to every aspect of the makeover.

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