How To Ensure Your Garden Furniture Is Safe From Theft

Garden furniture can make your outdoor space look beautiful and inviting, but it can also be a target for theft. Unsecured furniture can be an easy target for thieves, especially if it is in a visible spot. Whether you have expensive or sentimental garden furniture, it’s important to take steps to keep it safe.

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There are various ways you can keep it safe, for instance, by fitting ground anchors to have it anchored to the ground and ensuring the furniture is fastened correctly and firmly fixed using strong screws and bolts. Another way to ensure the security of your garden furniture is by installing security cameras to provide full-time surveillance.

In this blog post, we will discuss some practical tips for ensuring that your garden furniture is safe from theft.

How To Ensure Your Garden Furniture Is Safe

1. Place Them in the Shed 

Your garden furniture is safer inside the shed than leaving it out. If a robber cannot spot your furniture outside in your garden, then it’s most likely your valuables will remain safe. Most burglars tend to take advantage; hence, out of sight, out of mind. 

However, it would be best if you also put some measures in place to protect your garden from a planned burglary. First, it’s essential to ensure that your shed is always in good condition to prevent an intruder from gaining access. The other thing to keep in mind is that garden tools should never be left outside since anyone hanging around your garden can use them to break into the shed or even your house. The following are ways you can improve the security of your shed: 

  • Fix any rotten wood, and check the windows and door frames to identify vulnerable, weak points. 
  • Install additional secure locks. 
  • Install motion-detecting security lights. 
  • Install a shed alarm to alert you in case of anything. 

2. Install Ground Anchors 

If your shed has insufficient space to hold your garden furniture or you want to avoid the hassle of moving it every time the sun is out, then you can consider having ground anchors. With garden anchors, you can fix the furniture to the ground, which will prevent anyone from stealing it. They are also ideal for large tools, but they require professional installation for them to work effectively. 

3. Install Security Lights 

Security lighting is a great way to secure your garden furniture. No one would enjoy being caught trying to pick someone else’s stuff, so security lights will prevent anyone from even trying to get near your possessions. You will also be able to notice a slight movement in the garden when you have security lighting, so it’s difficult for a burglar to hide. 

Many security lights can be adjusted accordingly to prevent them from activating each time there’s a slight movement, for instance, when a dog passes close to the sensors. These lights should be set up to turn on only when there’s too much movement, not only to save on lighting costs but also because it’s annoying and a light turning on may startle them, alerting you to something nearby. 

4. Get Security Cameras 

Security cameras can help deter criminals and provide evidence in the unfortunate event of a theft. The best thing is to install outdoor security cameras with a comprehensive view of the garden and ensure they’re pointing toward your furniture. Install a camera pointed at your garden furniture, and make sure the footage is stored in a safe and secure location.

5. Mark the Furniture 

If you mark your garden furniture with your postcode, it would be difficult for burglars to sell it in case they steal it, and it increases the chances of it being returned if someone steals it. Visible marks decrease the furniture’s value and make identification by police officers easy. Consider marking the underside of the furniture using a UV marker, adding stickers, or making some etchings. It would help if you also painted a pattern on your garden tools since it decreases their value and makes identification easy, discouraging anyone from stealing them. 

6. Secure the Perimeter of Your Home 

Your garden perimeter is the first line of defense, so it’s crucial to ensure it’s secure. If a burglar can’t gain access to your garden or lacks a space to peep into it, then that’s a put-off, and they may not think about getting your garden furniture. Furthermore, if they try to get into the garden, they won’t succeed if your perimeter is strong.

Ensure the fences, walls, and gates are in excellent condition. Do a quick inspection to identify rotting areas or loose structures that could be kicked down, allowing intruders to enter your garden. Investing in good wrought iron gates is also a good suggestion. 

Ensure your fences are high enough because low walls are easier to bypass. Your rear garden fences can reach a maximum height of 2 meters to deter intruders while not breaking the law by exceeding the height limit. Consult your planners if you need to change the boundaries of your house to avoid wasting time and money if your adjustments fail to meet the standard requirements set by the law. 

7. Insure 

If you have invested your money in some high quality garden furniture and outdoor chairs it is worth considering insuring your furniture. Confirm whether your home insurance policy covers your garden furniture. Standard home insurance policies may cover a couple of garden items; however, the amount of coverage may vary. If your home insurance doesn’t cover all your garden valuables, speak to your insurance provider so that you can have peace of mind knowing you’ll be compensated if anything happens. Insurance is a must-have if you have a summerhouse, garden office, or greenhouse.

In Conclusion

Keeping your garden furniture safe from theft requires some effort, but it is time and money well spent. By anchoring, locking, or storing your furniture out of sight, and making use of motion-sensor lights, security cameras or insurance coverage, you can deter potential thieves and protect your valuable belongings. The key to success is to be consistent, and always be mindful of your surroundings. By taking these preventative measures, you can rest easy knowing that your garden furniture is safe and secure.

That’s all you need to keep your valuable garden furniture safe! Don’t take risks. Implement these tips.

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