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I just love, love, LOVE to read and I also love being read to. Sometimes though that isn’t always possible although I would love it to be. There are times when mommy is so tired that all she can do is read one book to me before it’s time for bed while I want to read at least twenty. Then there are times when I’m by myself and I just grab a book and start reading, well I do try and read but since I don’t know the words I can just look at the pictures which is fine with me. Well what if I tell you that there is a product out there that would help to solve all my problems and I’ve found it. I bet you want to know what I’m talking about. Well let me introduce you to Sparkup The Magical Book Reader.

Now you’re probably saying: “well I’ve seen those read along books that when you turn the pages it reads the story to you, I’m sure it’s the same thing”. Well that’s where you’re incorrect my delightful reader. Not only does this read to you when you turn the pages, but this turns ANY book into an audio book.

Each Sparkup Magical Book Reader comes complete with a hardcover preloaded demo book to get you started, instruction manual, USB Cable and three AA batteries already installed.

The USB feature is super great. This means that you can download pre-recorded books and even upload the ones you’ve downloaded to your Sparkup Reader so that you can have space for even more book. The reader holds approximately 50 books or 250 minutes of audio. That means that you’ll always have your favorites available, and you know that our favorites change pretty often. Having that feature is a great way to always have them on hand.

So now you’re wondering, “well how does it turn any book into an audiobook?” Let me explain it to you. That photo above my friend is the Sparkup Magical Book Reader. On this reader is a camera which you can see right above the little green play button. On the side of the button is a record button. The lower half is what attaches to the back cover of any picture book.

Now this is how it works. Once you press record it starts taking a visual snapshot of the pages as you turn. It’s how it recognizes each page that you’re on. You can start recording from the cover of the book, once there’s a picture, with the name, author and illustrator of the book and Sparkup will record it. You turn each page and it does the same. When you are done recording, just close the book and it’s all done.

You can do this for ANY picture book in your home library.

When you want to read a book, just attach it and Sparkup will recognize it and start reading it to you. If you decide that you want to skip a few pages, Sparkup actually recognizes that you did and will also skip those pages as well. It’s that video technology that recognizes that there’s a different picture on the page that you’re on. Isn’t that awesome?

Now the other thing that I really love is that ANYONE can record these books for you. So if mommy has go to away for her job I’ll have her voice reading to me even though she’s not there. This is great for mommies and daddies who travel for work and is not always there to read a bedtime story. It’s also great for grandmas and granddads as well. This truly makes a great gift for all.

So far we have recorded quite a few books and I’m just amazed at how easy it is to use. It recognizes each book consistently and I have yet to have a problem with it recognizing which book I’m reading that day. Now I no longer need to have mommy around to read to me. Mommy loves that it takes the “electronic” feel away from reading and pays more attention to books themselves, and I love that I’m able to do it all by myself.

This makes the perfect gift for the holidays and is a great way to encourage your little ones love of reading. It also makes a great bonding gift. What better way to bond than to sit with your little one with a book. For all those reasons and more is why the Sparkup Magical Book reader gets my TWO TINY THUMBS UP!

Check out Sparkup Magical Book Reader in action!

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