3 Areas Where Small Debris Can Do Big Damage

Spotting small debris in your garden is akin to trying to find a needle in a haystack. Small debris could be anything from leaves, gravels to nutshells, or bugs. They belong outside, so that’s what makes it almost impossible to see them. More often than not, homeowners get rid of the debris as they clear the garden at the end of winter. In other words, you’ve probably removed all the winter debris ahead of spring. While this is good news, the problem with small debris is that they always come back. There will be another leaf, another tiny piece of gravel, or even another loose feather. Small debris never disappears for good because it is constantly being generated. 

It’s part of life, you say. You would be right. Small debris would not be an issue at all if it didn’t have the potential to cause significant damage in your backyard. 

Areas Where Small Debris Can Do Big Damage

When they fall into the pool

If you have a swimming pool, you want to make sure that nothing can affect the small motors responsible for water circulation, filtering, and many other things. That’s precisely where you need to think of protecting your pool. A hard cover is the perfect solution to keep the water clean. But a hard cover can also extend to protect all the motorized engines that run next to the pool. The last thing you want is for a little stone to come and get stuck in there!

Similarly, glass pool fencing around the pool will also prevent wildlife from approaching the area. Bird’s feathers can be surprisingly sturdy, and they’re certainly strong enough to damage your motor or your filter system. Similarly, the fence could also keep rodents at bay, as they can eat their way through any surface, including the hard plastic cover around the motor. Rodents’ waste and debris can be highly damaging. 

When they get stuck into your AC system

Typically, your air conditioning system is composed of small units installed inside your home and a large central unit, the condenser, that tends to live in the backyard. When you get your AC serviced, the engineer will have to check both parts of the system. The main unit outside releases the heat to the outside. Inside, you’ll find the compressor, the condenser coils and fan, and the refrigerant lines. While the condenser unit is built to sustain the external elements, it could get damaged when debris and dirt build-up and interfere with its functions. 

When they stop the electric gate from opening

Electric gates are awesome! They make your life so much easier when you come back home. You don’t need to leave the car; the gate opens automatically. Typically, gates have a sensor that can be either activated by a remote or recognizes a vehicle’s presence. Therefore one of the most common issues regarding debris is when you allow it to build up and block the gate track. Debris could stop the gate from opening and leave it stuck. Additionally, they could also obscure the sensor or find a way into the power point. 

A little debris could lead to mighty damage and an expensive repair bill. Against debris, however, there is no miracle solution. You need to keep up with garden maintenance. This will keep dirt, leaves, and gravel away. Regular outdoor activities will also deter rodents from unwanted invasion into your exposed motorized parts! 

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