Top Kitchen Sink And Faucet Ideas That Will Inspire You

The first form of life was created in the water, and this was proved pretty easily. In the Miller-Urey, the goal was to make a mixture that was close to the primordial ocean. Such mixture is easily made by mixing methane, hydrogen, and a few other compounds in water. The temperature was set to such a condition and sparks were made to imitate electric discharge. The result was a mixture of simple molecules that can further react and create more biomolecules.

None of this could be achieved if it were not for the solvent, water from which we stem. The biomolecules that make us are made with restrictions that are imposed by water. There are many reasons why we need to drink water, which is why we need good sinks and faucets. You can make a big difference with some simple changes to these fountains of life. Here are some top ideas for faucets and sinks that will truly inspire you.

Kitchen Sink And Faucet Ideas

Choosing the brand

Because of the importance of reliability, picking the right sink and faucet brand is crucial. It is not a question of branding, but of functionality, style, and pricing. When it comes to these important plumbing fixtures, there is an everlasting battle of Blanco vs. Elkay kitchen sinks that goes on to this day. It is important to know which brand suits you the best based on both style and pricing. Both sink companies are well established, and for functionality, you can rely on both.

At the end of the day, the biggest factor that you should think about is how you want your kitchen to look. Blanco metallic gray sink is their top model that has top performance. Elkay on the other hand has their Elkay quartz classic sink. Both are high quality, durable, and quiet with the only difference being pricing. Elkay quartz is a bit cheaper than the aforementioned Blanco metallic gray sink. 

Faucet color

Faucet color is something that many people do not think about and there is no reason not to think about it. It seems like everyone is using the standard gray faucet, you can not escape them. You can bring a whole other level to your kitchen just by simply changing the faucet color. The most simple change would be opting for a mat black faucet. The elegance that this kind of faucet can bring is tremendous, especially when combined with a black sink.

If you do not like such dark colors, you can use a black faucet and a gold sink. The sink does not need to be made of gold, just the color is enough. It is such a simple yet powerful sink and faucet combination that will always grab your attention. You can also reverse the combination to have a golden faucet and a mat black sink. The choice is entirely up to you, but do not limit yourself just to these kitchen and sink colors. Use your vivid imagination to come up with more color combinations.

Sink shape

Why do sinks have to be in the shape of a rectangle, according to these standards? It is a good thing that oval sinks are becoming trendy now. Another sink shape that should be more common is the hexagon sink. Hexagons are one of the most perfect shapes that exist in nature because of their symmetry and stacking capabilities. You can find many plants and animals having visible hexagon patterns on them. This hexagon-shaped sink is an inspiration that comes purely from nature.

Faucet technology

You can up your sink and faucet game with a few technological innovations. Hands-free faucets are very nice and very functional. When you are in the kitchen, most of the time your hands are messy. Then you need to touch the faucet with your greasy hands and clean it all up later. This is easily avoidable with hands-free faucets that are not that expensive. The technology is pretty simple which is why these faucets are not crazy expensive. The faucet designs without handles are also very interesting.

Kitchen Sink And Faucet Ideas

We use faucets and sinks on a daily basis, every single day. Why do we not then care more about what these kitchen essentials look like? Why should we not strive to have optimal faucets and sinks in our kitchens? It is about the little things in life that can have a dramatic outcome on how our days can be.

Of course, you do not have to go out of your way just to get a new faucet and sink. But if you can get a new one, why would you not want to enjoy washing the dishes in a new environment? We might not see these items as exciting at first, but when you think about water and the history of faucets, you can always find something inspiring.

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