Skights Tights Review

Mommy and I are always looking for the next best thing even if it isn’t in the USA. This company that mommy and I received our next best thing from is actually in Canada.

As most of my readers know by now, I have family in Canada and will be taking a trip there for Christmas. It’s going to be my very first trip to Canada and I’m really looking forward to it. What’s better than taking a trip to Canada dressed in some authentic Canadian clothing.

Well mommy and I found this really great company called Skights. I bet you’re probably wondering what Skights are? Well let me tell you. They’re actually tights but better. What do I mean by better? Well tights come fitted all the way over my diaper and makes it so difficult to change when I’m dressed. Not Skights. Mommy and I call them knee-hi tights for babies and toddlers. They really make changing my diaper a breeze.

Skights Tights
Padded at the knees with reinforced toes and heels. 

But these aren’t those knee-hi tights that mommy and the bigger kids wear. These are way better than that. Remember I told you these were the next best thing. These are padded right where I needed them to be. The toes and heels are also reinforced as well so it makes it very comfortable for me to run around in them. With these I don’t need shoes. Well I don’t need shoes indoors I should say. They are also made of very comfortable cotton, stretchy lycra and spandex (75% cotton, 22% nylon, 3% lycra). They are really thick and comfortable. Perfect for those colder days so my little legs can stay warm and toasty.

Skights Tights really stay put
These Skights really stay put

The only thing I do wish they did have were grips on the bottom of my Skights. They are perfect for my carpeted floor but I tend to slide around a little when I’m in the kitchen where it is tiled. Lets hope Julie will update them for when we make our trip for Christmas. We plan on getting us a few more pairs.

Now Skights comes in lots of cute colors and sizes. I’m now 20 months old and I got a size Medium which fit perfectly. One thing I should also mention that these Skights stay up really well. Mommy says that they work better than her own knee-hi. Throughout all my running around, going up and down the stairs they stayed. Amazing!

I was everywhere in my Skights. If you’re a Twitter follower you would know that this isn’t the first time I’m wearing my Skights either. Did you see my Twitter pic?  Or did you read my VW Camper Van Tent Review? That’s me running around in my Skights in that video. I love my Skights so much that I wear them all the time. Mommy washed them and they came out pretty good in the wash. Now mommy doesn’t like items that once washed they shrink or they get bigger. Nothing like that happened so I’m now able to wear my Skights over and over again.

You know what I’m going to say right? Skights gets my Two Tiny Thumbs Up! 

Here’s a little about Julie and the story of Skights:

With two of my own, I have first hand experience on how active little boys can be! It would drive me crazy when my little one’s pant legs would ride up exposing their skin to the elements. And of course, mothers of boys know just how hard it is find products for our little men that are cute and can actually be worn without too much fuss. That is what led me to create Lil’ tights by Skights — to keep ’em warm in cold weather, protect crawling knees and allow easy access when changing diapers and potty training (something you can’t do with ordinary tights). Now your little boys and girls can play, crawl and do it all.  Peace and Blessings — Julie

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