Make Your Mother Feel She’s Loved on Mother’s Day with These Simple Ideas

Make Your Mother Feel She’s Loved on Mother’s Day with These Simple Ideas

If there’s one person we can all count on, it’s our mother. She’ll drop everything she’s doing to rush over and help with any challenge we might face.

Even as we grow up, we can always count on her to listen to our problems and hold our hand through the many rough patches we go through in life. 

So how do you make sure she knows how much you love and appreciate her on Mother’s Day, and of course, every other day? Well, besides actually telling her how much she’s loved, here are a couple of special ways to make your mom feel the love. 

1. Breakfast in Bed

She’s made breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the whole family for years. Frying her some bacon and eggs, whipping up pancake batter, and toasting some bread on her special day will mean the world to her. Make sure it’s set up nicely on a tray and if possible, place her favorite flower in a cup to present to her when you surprise her in bed.

2. Have a Netflix Party With Mom

Hundreds (or in some cases, thousands) of miles is no longer a reason not to watch a movie with mom. Google Chrome has an extension called Netflix Party that allows you to watch a movie on Netflix with mom, even if she’s living far away. The extension also comes with a chat room, so you and your mother can talk and share comments about the movie without having to hit pause.

3. Hang Out With Mom

Sometimes, the best gift you can give your mother is your undivided attention. So, turn that phone off and put away any other distracting electronic devices and just focus on her for a while. Go out into the backyard and play her favorite board game or just sit down and talk. Then head back into the kitchen and bake something delicious together. 

4. Turn Her Bathroom into a Home Spa

Taking her to an actual spa might be difficult right now, but turning her bathroom into an at-home spa is easy and so much fun! All you need is a scented bath bomb, some candles, rose pedals to throw in the water, a hair mask, and some relaxing music. Mom will get a total beauty reboot! 

5. Have a Mommy Shoot

Hire a professional photographer to come over and do a photoshoot of you and your mom. There are plenty of areas in the house where you can take some incredibly professional shots. You just need to get creative. The front lawn and backyard are great spots but so is that ladder leading to the upstairs bedrooms. Then it’s just a matter of dressing up nicely, helping mom with her makeup and smiling in front of the camera to capture the moment forever. 

6. Complete the House Chores

It’s her special day, so obviously, she shouldn’t lift a single finger to clean or scrub. So, take over the household chores for a day or even a whole week. Once you’re done, thank her for all the times she’s cleaned up after the entire family without ever asking for anything in return. Then whip up her favorite meal in the kitchen.

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