Silly McGilly and a St. Patricks Day Lime Shamrock Punch

St. Patricks day is almost here. It is actually just right around the corner as I like to say. It’s Toddler Book Talk Tuesday and today I want to highlight a book that is perfect for St. Patricks Day. We all those that mischievous Elf who dominates Christmas, well there’s a new Leprechaun who’s taking over St. Patricks Day. After all there’s nothing more Irish that a Leprechaun. Meet Silly McGilly and today he also shares a recipe with you, a delightful St. Patricks Day Lime Shamrock Punch. Silly McGilly is a breath of fresh clover air.  He visits homes and classrooms across the country to leave a little treat or play fun tricks on children in the month, weeks, or days leading up to St. Patrick’s Day.

In the hopes of creating a new and unique way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, an adorable new leprechaun and book, Silly McGilly, was dreamed up by 3 sisters of Irish American heritage in New Jersey.  With 10 children between them, and their immense love for family traditions, the Coffey sisters had plenty of inspiration to create Silly McGilly.  Or as they call him, “St. Patrick’s Day fun for your wee little one!”

The story is a quick fun read and we just loved the illustrations. In the back of the book there is a list of tricks that Silly McGilly has played in homes and in the classroom that you can recreate. One such as turning your breakfast food green and even leaving green balloons in the children’s rooms. Nothing spiteful but all in good fun. Silly McGilly has even been known to show up in my toy dollhouse taking a bath in the tub.

Here’s an excerpt from the book:

Here is a toy that looks just like me.

Remember: I’m a leprechaun that you’ll never see.

Each night you put your toy by a window in full view,

This is my invitation to come visit you.

I’ll work my shenanigans while you are snug asleep.

Don’t worry that I’ll wake you, I will not make a peep.

When you wake up, find the trick that I’ve done.

I hope your whole family will join in the fun. 

You can check out the Silly McGilly website where you can buy your very own book and doll, check out sample tricks and activities. Here are the ways you can connect with Silly McGilly:

Now on to his St. Patricks Day Lime Shamrock Punch.


1 2 Liter bottle of Ginger ale

1 quart of Lime Sherbet


1. Place Lime Sherbert into a punch bowl and pour in Ginger Ale. That’s it! Easy Peasy!

Serve and Enjoy! Easy to make and would be a delicious and refreshing St. Patricks Day drink for the entire family.

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