Self-Care Strategies to Survive Social Isolation

Self-Care Strategies to Survive Social Isolation

For many extroverts out there, self-care is inherently a social activity. It’s grabbing lunch or a drink at happy hour with friends. It’s taking a trip with your girlfriends for a weekend or an outing to catch up with an old BFF.

For others, it just involves going out. Browsing for new reads at your favorite bookstore can be considered self-care. So can a trip to Target, a leisurely stroll through a farmer’s market, an adventure through a new city.

It’s no surprise to find self-care is in short supply these days. In a world where social distancing is the norm, it can be hard to find ways to take care of yourself when so many of your go-to options are off-limits for the foreseeable future. Fortunately, there are things you can do to practice self-care during social isolation. Here are just a few of the self-care strategies you can use to help yourself survive – and thrive – during these trying times.

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Most people haven’t picked up a journal – or a diary – since they were kids. But what better time to start than now? After all, you probably have plenty of thoughts swirling in your head thanks to less human contact than usual. Why not put them on paper? I guarantee you’ll feel better when you’re done.

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With many of us far removed from our daily routines, it can be hard to find many reasons to move much further than from the bed to the couch. It might not feel like self-care at the time, butfinding the energy to exercise is a great way to show yourself a little love. You can go for a jog around the block or on the treadmill, watch a yoga, HIIT or Zumba video on Youtube, download an exercise app for a bodyweight workout, or find another way to get active. As long as you get your heart pumping and your blood flowing, you’re on the right track.

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Many people are quick to say they’re not creative – but I don’t think most people give themselves enough credit. I believe everyone is creative, and I think there’s no better time than now to release some of that creativity. Painting, drawing, singing, playing an instrument, writing poetry, blogging, designing websites, crocheting, baking, and so many other creative hobbies and crafts are both creative outlets and demonstrations of self-care. Resurrect a favorite creative hobby you loved when you were young, or choose a new creative outlet to pursue.

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One of the easiest ways to practice self-care is to simply take care of your body. By eating foods that make you feel good, give you energy, and taste great, you can practice self-care at every meal. Skincare can also be another great way to show yourself a little love. Lather on your favorite lotion or body butter after a shower, or recreate your favorite facial or spa treatment at home.

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Self-care looks a little different for everyone, but there are some universal practices that all of us can benefit from. By writing down our thoughts, incorporating movement into our days, giving ourselves space to create, and nourishing our bodies and minds, we can embrace wellness even during these difficult times.

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