How To Choose What To Watch For The Perfect End Of A Day?

After a long day of work, nothing feels better than simply turning on your TV, preparing a few snacks, and getting cozy in your bed. But, the real dilemma starts after you’ve made yourself comfortable, as the options are many, yet you cannot decide what to watch on your favorite streaming services. In the text below, we’ll discuss some useful tips to help you make the right choice and finish a perfect day. 

Suit your mood 

Feel your mood before going to see a movie or TV show and make sure to choose something appropriate for your current emotional state. There are several films and TV shows that can make you laugh, lonely, profound, or joyful. Fantasies are great to take on distant adventures far from home, into foreign lands full of colorful characters and nicely developed plot lines. Or, for example, romantic comedies are perfect to cheer you up and fill you with positive energy if you feel a bit sad and lonely. So, follow this analogy to get a grip on what genre you want to watch. Once you’ve established this, the rest is easy enough. 

Read cinema critique

Film reviews serve an important purpose. They tell you about the plots of films and give you an opinion on their excellence. They’re also not difficult to come by. There are sites specializing in film reviews, as well as broader pop culture sites with film reviews. They’ll give you a pretty good idea of which films are worth seeing and which aren’t. They also provide a bit of an inside look into the reception of the movie by audiences. It can serve as an amazing guideline. So, for example, if you have no idea what to watch on Netflix and your date is on its way, maybe look up some recommendations and possibly some suggestions regarding the TV shows, movies, and documentaries they stream. With the click of your mouse, you can spare yourself the trouble of scrolling endlessly until something good pops up. 

Take an online quiz 

There are hundreds of sites offering online quizzes to help you narrow down the choices, and some even give you a specific movie name and title. The questions can seem a bit redundant, for example, what sort of cake do you like, to questions which actually make sense (“are you in the mood for something hilarious”). Nevertheless, the polls showed a positive outcome, as most were satisfied with the results of such quizzes. 

Check out online communities 

Look into online film communities. With the introduction of the internet, every film fan may now discuss their thoughts on both old and new films. These groups exist so that like-minded individuals can discuss classic and contemporary films. Users can discuss their favorite movies on websites such as Letterboxd and IMDb. These are excellent resources for learning about the mainstream and classics. And, these communities are often composed of regular folk, but they are passionate when it comes to the cinema. The level of honesty you’ll come across on these sites is exactly what you need to make your pick. 

Keep track of the films you’ve watched 

Take careful notes. If you hear about a film that you think you’ll like, write down the title so you can find it later. The simplest way to do this is to make a note of the name and when it was released.

Keep a film journal. You occasionally see a movie and want to show it to someone, but you can’t remember what it’s called. To circumvent this, keep a journal of the films you watch. Any time you watch a film, excellent or terrible, make a note of its title and director for reference purposes. This way, you’ll never watch the same thing twice (although great things should be rewatched more than twice) and you’ll spare yourself a lot of time. 

Take the shuffle option 

Most streaming platforms feature complex and precise algorithms, keeping track of your personal taste and preferences according to the things you’ve already watched. These algorithms are there to maximize your experience and make it more than enjoyable. Therefore, some platforms have the shuffle option, and by selecting it, you are letting the streaming service make the choice for you. The option will probably get it right and make it easier for you. 

In Conclusion

Follow these tips to narrow down your choices and make the right decision. And last but not least, we can only advise you this: sometimes let yourself be surprised and go for the first thing that catches your eye. There is a reason why that specific film or TV show got your attention. 

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