How to Easily Improve Your Television Watching Experience

 If you’ve noticed that TVs in the retail store have a better image quality than your home TV, there’s a good explanation for it. Your TV is not the problem, but it’s equipment that needs some tweaking.

How to Easily Improve Your Television Watching Experience

You can try to do something without anyone’s help, but sometimes it might be useful to hire a professional. In this article, we’ll talk about several ways to improve your television watching experience and optimizing picture and sound quality.


You would be surprised to find out that the average TV user updates its cable box once every three to four years. If you’re one of them, make sure to contact your provider to get a high-definition receiver or get an upgrade to an HDTV box.

On the other hand, if you’re mostly using streaming services like Amazon Prime, HBO, Apple TV, Netflix, or others, for the best image quality, you’ll have to get a fast internet connection and, ideally, have an unlimited data plan.


Since we need many cables to connect our TV box with the TV or the internet router, some of them might stop working correctly after a while. The biggest problem might also be the HDMI cable since it’s extremely easy to break its sensitive ports. As the quality of your cables matters, try not to buy them in a local dollar store. There’s no doubt that as soon as you get your high-performance cables, you’ll immediately notice the difference in sound and image quality, especially if you’re streaming HD content.


Not everyone agrees that contrast significantly changes the watching experience. However, it always makes a difference. Should you want to increase image quality, try reducing the brightness to below 50% and turn up your contrast to above 90%. As the blacks will seem darker and all colors will get more vibrance, you’ll enjoy movies and documentaries more than before. The specialists behind Sky TV installers say that another useful tip is to position your TV differently so that the daylight comes from its left or right side. It might sound like a small change, but it will make all the difference. Without all the light and reflection, you’ll be able to appreciate the TV screen better.

Some TV users suggest that increasing brightness can improve their viewing experience on entry-level TVs. As their factory settings are rudimentary, by increasing brightness to above 80%, the image will look more vivid than before.

How to Easily Improve Your Television Watching Experience


When you have a big screen in your living room, it’s vital to position your sofa close enough to see everything but not to sit right in front of it. There are several strategies on how to measure the exact distance, but none of them is universal. Ideally, you should place your sofa at least 8 feet from an average 40-inch screen to 12 feet if you own a 60-inch TV.

Sometimes it’s good to measure the room to see which TV would work best in your space. Bigger doesn’t always mean better, since, in a small room, you can enjoy the HDTV quality unless you’re stuck to your wall.


You could quickly boost your TV’s sound quality with modern, wall-mounted wireless speakers. In case you like the cinematic sound, you could opt for a 5-in-1 sound system and transform your living room into a home cinema. Every modern sound system will boost dialogue sound to ensure the best watching experience, and you can also use it to stream audio files from your computer, smartphone, or tablet.


Smart TVs can now respond to your voice commands. Instead of reaching out for your remote, or mixing the two remotes, now you can easily say what you want. You can also connect voice assistants like Alexa or Google Home Assistant to your TV and use from even from other devices. The basic requirements for this type of service are a new TV with build-in pairing capabilities and a stable Wi-Fi connection.

How to Easily Improve Your Television Watching Experience

If you love watching movies and TV shows at home, you want to create the best viewing experience for you and your family. Sometimes, it will require investment in new cables, sound systems or, ultimately, a new TV. Now that we’ve explained some of the tricks to help you get a better image and sound quality, you can get excited for the next family movie night. 

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