Unusual Special Days That are Celebrated by People

Around the world, there are awareness days and important days to celebrate each month – and every day! But, do you know how many other days in the year people commemorate weird and wacky events and celebrations? Too many to count! Let’s take a look at some of the most unusual days that are marked and adored internationally. 

World Introvert Day

2nd January, after an exhausting December vacation period with your family celebrating Christmas and New Years’, there is a special day for introverts. Fortunately for people who have a more introverted temperament, the end of the festive period will bring welcomed relief. And this is why psychologist Felicitas Heyne introduced this day in 2011. You may be an introvert if:

  • Your energy becomes drained after being in social situations of more than 2 or 3 people at a time.
  • You recharge by spending time alone or doing more quiet, typically more solidarity activities.
  • You have been described as mellow, quiet, or reserved.
  • You tend to prefer working independently and without too many distractions.
  • You thrive on deeper, meaningful conversations and find “small talk” rather purposeless. 

National Day for Chocolate Covered Raisins

There is nothing more delicious than raisins covered in chocolate, whether it’s milk or dark chocolate. Often discussed as being synonymous with Raisinets, one of the brands that helped popularise this sweet delight, chocolate covered raisin day should be celebrated at home or at the movies with friends. Start stocking up for the 24th of March, as there will be no excuses not to indulge in this historically-loved treat! 

World Art Day

Unusual Special Days That are Celebrated

On 15 April each year, a more recent celebration has come to the international scene. In 2019, World Art Day was pronounced in order to dedicate a day to the diverse expressions of artistic freedoms enjoyed the world over. Art is immensely powerful, and throughout history, we can find incredible examples of how artists have used their creativity to bring more peace, fulfillment, joy, and meaning to those in their communities – local and international.

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to shake the world, artists remind us of the healing art can bring. Giving people a creative channel through which to communicate their unique internal experiences, art is also hugely comforting in its power to connect and inspire. 

International Museum Day

The global celebration for museums takes place on 18 May each year and aims to bring awareness to the cultural importance of the heritage passed through museums. Since 1977, museums have been celebrated as significant – through museum exhibitions and displays  – to foster appreciation between cultures and diverse peoples.

There are so many reasons to celebrate museums, least of all, being able to step into another world without leaving home. Make an effort – on this day and throughout the year – to appreciate and experience the offerings of museums in your city

International Lefthanders Day

Do you make up a special 10% of the population that is left-handed? Do you ever feel like mainstream society has forgotten to create items and objects suited to your left-handed needs? This awareness day on August 13th is for you! To bring awareness to the everyday challenges experienced by left-handers, this day is for the celebration of the unique mark Lefties brings to the world. 

World Vegetarian Day

In the late 1970s, there was an international call to celebrate the vegetarian lifestyle and all its benefits! Though eating vegetarian was definitely not as common, or as popular decades ago, it is definitely gaining global attention. Celebrate 1st October by trying out a new vegetarian cuisine or restaurant in your area!

There are a plethora of benefits of eating a more plant-based diet, including better-maintained weight, reduced risk of heart disease and diabetes type 2, decreased inflammation and cholesterol. It is astounding to know that according to some recent statistics, more than a quarter of millennials eat vegetarian diets. Due to various contributors, this shows that younger generations are becoming more aware of the health, nutrition, and environmental benefits of removing meat from our diets. 

National Letter Writing Day

Unusual Special Days That are Celebrated

Historically, before phones and emails were even conceptualized, letters provided the method of transmitting important information. Whether messages were being sent to a loved one, a politician in charge, or to your family from your military base bunk, letters have been instrumental in communicating love, philosophical ideas, and even political change. To celebrate this awesome national day on 7th December, consider reading through old letters by famous people throughout history, such as Abraham Lincoln, Charles Darwin, and Winston Churchill. You could also write a letter to your friend, expressing your gratitude for your friendship. Perhaps try to think of a friend whose birthday is coming up soon!

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