How to Maintain a Great Quality of Life as a Senior

Getting older does not need to be an unenjoyable process. With all of the modern-day tools and equipment that are now available to seniors, aging gracefully is no longer unattainable.

For many older adults, quality of life used to take a dip after the age of 60. The risk of disease and illness increased and being independent became very difficult.

Fast forward to the 21st-century anti-advancements in modern-day medicine and technology have enabled older adults to stay happy and healthy well into the late 80s and 90s. Quality of life does not appear to decrease with age as it once did.

If you’re approaching what is classed as “senior age,” don’t worry! Your life can continue just as it has done for the last few decades. We’ve got some top tips to help you maintain an amazing quality of life with ease.

How to Maintain a Great Quality of Life as a Senior

Continue Doing the Things That You Love

There’s a common misconception that you have to stop doing the things that you enjoy when you reach old age but this could not be further from the truth. In fact, it’s quite the opposite!

When you reach retirement age, you have more time than ever to spend on hobbies. You can do the things that you love all day, every day if you want to, and nobody is there to stop you.

Continuing to take part in community groups, and do the activities and hobbies that you have always done is key to maintaining a great quality of life as you get older. You can stay active, keep busy, and continue socializing with your friends and neighbors, and all of this contributes to improved health and well-being.

Even if you reduce your hobbies down to just one or two, and you spend a few hours a week on them, maintaining even just a small hobby can make all the difference to your health and happiness. If you struggle with mobility or movement, find some indoor hobbies that you can do while seated, such as knitting, reading, or something creative.

Use a Medical Alert System

When you live alone, one of the best ways to maintain independence while staying safe is by using medical alert systems in your home. This type of alarm system can be activated in times of need to connect you with emergency services.

If you feel that you are in danger or have been injured, your medical alarm will enable you to get help as quickly as possible. They have a two-way speaker that enables you to communicate directly with medical personnel and describe your problem.

Medical alert systems are no longer the large, bulky machines that they used to be. Many of the best medical alert systems now take the form of a smartwatch that you can wear on your wrist at all times for maximum safety.

Eat Lots of Healthy Protein and Exercise Regularly

Diet and exercise are important for maintaining great physical and mental health as you age. When you’re healthy in every aspect, this will get reflected in your quality of life.

Focus on consuming a well-balanced diet that is full of nutrient-dense foods that nourish your body. In particular, focus on getting lots of healthy lean protein, such as chicken, tofu, beans, and lentils.

Protein is essential for maintaining your skeletal muscle mass, which becomes even more important as you age. Sarcopenia describes the reduction in muscle mass as a result of the aging process, and consuming plenty of dietary protein will reduce the severity of this problem.

Alongside including lots of healthy protein sources in your diet, regular exercise is vital for your muscle mass and strength. Weight-bearing exercise, such as walking or weight lifting, can preserve skeletal muscle and might also help you grow new muscles.

When your muscles are strong, you will be more stable and balanced on your feet, which can reduce your fears of falling over and massively improve your quality of life. You will feel more confident in going out of the house on your own or doing the active hobbies that you have always enjoyed.

If you aren’t sure how to lift weights to preserve muscle, consider getting a personal trainer or health coach. They will be able to guide you through a suitable training program that suits your needs and preferences. Your coach will also be able to provide nutritional support to ensure you are hitting your daily protein goals.

In Conclusion

Maintaining a great quality of life as a senior citizen is all about staying active, social, and safe. You can do this by continuing to take part in community groups and hobbies that you love. It’s also important to eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly to preserve your muscle mass and strength. And finally, using a medical alert system in your home can help you to stay independent while staying safe. Follow these tips and you’ll be sure to enjoy a high quality of life well into your retirement years!

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