4 Cutest Ring Bearers’ Outfits For Your Fairytale Wedding

A wedding can indeed be a fairytale. With proper planning and execution, a dream can turn into a living vision, a momentary reality transformed into a memory that lasts forever. Every person at the wedding party has a unique part to play in making this day come together. The bride, the groom, the bridesmaids and groomsmen, little flower girls, and of course, the ring bearer work together to execute every detail to the T. 

Where Did The Title Ring Bearer Originate?

It is not explicitly clear the true origin of this term. There is a debate between ancient Egyptian and medieval North American origins. Wherever it came from, for many brides and grooms, this position is here to stay. Typically this role is gifted to a young boy, not older than six, who is related or by some means close to the bride or groom. He is entrusted with a plush pillow on which the rings are tied and is expected to sweetly carry them up the aisle at the appropriate time. 

Alternatively, the ring bearer duties can be given to a little girl about the same age. Whoever is given the responsibility will need to be well directed so as to not cause a scene on the day by running off with the rings, crying, or screaming. 

The Classic Tux

Is there anything cuter than a little boy well dressed in a tuxedo? This is a favorite choice for many ring bearers, for he does need to resemble a miniature version of the groom. Elegant and sharp, the little man will be outfitted in his crisp white long sleeve shirt, nicely ironed long black pants, matching suspenders, and bowtie, tied all together with a fitted black jacket. Freshly polished black dress shoes will top off the look. Looking this smartly, it’s no wonder guests can’t help to audibly marvel at the cuteness. 

The Nutcracker Theme

Themed weddings are becoming more commonplace. There’s really no bounds to the ingenuity some persons bring to life. Flowers, table settings, clothes, and even food can be selected to complement the general creative line. The nutcracker ring bearer suit, which can be sourced at PEGEEN, comes in various styles. Choose from among pirate shirts, ruffled sleeves and lace collars, the Harlequin, and the toy soldier design. Each is unique and will bring a certain flavor to the mix. From two hundred seventy dollars to four hundred seventy-five dollars, one of these can be yours.

The Silk Ensemble

As far as textures go, linen is the go-to for shirts and polyester for pants. But to add a bit more pizzaz, consider adding in some silk pieces. Try a smooth silk sweater vest in neutral or bold colors. Choose from different patterns and designs. Opt for a double-breasted three-piece suit. Both short and long trouser options are available.  Even the timeless tux is attainable in full silk. If your little guy gets fussy in restrictive materials that feel coarse on the skin, give this alternative a try. You may just get the compliance you’re hoping for.

Casual But Cool

It has become a trend to have wedding ceremonies outside of the church setting. More and more spouses-to-be choose the beach, the barn, or the backyard. The more exposed you are to the elements, the more thought you should give to appropriate clothing. Something very long or complex will get uncomfortable in the heat and weightier in the rain. Dress your ringbearer in a light linen short sleeve shirt with knee-length shorts. If you like matching the outfit to the ambiance, try some sailor or cowboy-themed gear. 

No need to restrict yourself to one ring bearer. Have two or as many as you like. It is your day. Having a few as opposed to one may bring a sense of calm and cooperation. One will influence the other. Flower girls can also double as ring bearers, and if that is your preference, go for it. There is a multitude of flower girl dresses that will simply take your breath away. Instead of carrying a basket of petals, she will be presenting the nuptial bands.

Ring Bearers' Outfits

How you choose to dress your ringbearers is wholly up to you. Different factors will affect that such as wedding themes, comfort, and budget. To reduce the risk of a meltdown or tantrum, involve the little one as much as possible. If there are two outfits you cannot decide between, get their input. If a child loves what they are wearing, their eagerness to participate in the ceremony will greatly increase.

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