Top Five Reasons To Book A Caribbean Cruise

Going on a cruise can be a great way to take a vacation. You get to experience new places, spend time on the ocean, and take advantage of all of the great amenities you can find on your ship – chances are, there are quite a few to keep you entertained!

When choosing a cruise, you’ll quickly learn that you can cruise to a variety of destinations. While Alaskan cruises and European cruises are quite popular, I’m convinced that the Caribbean is by far the best place to cruise. Whether you’re looking for a way for your busy family to escape and have fun, a romantic escape to celebrate a milestone in your relationship, or a solo getaway to beat stress and relax, you’ll find everything you’re looking for and more in a Caribbean cruise.

Not entirely convinced a Caribbean cruise is right for you and your family? Here are five reasons to consider otherwise:

You’ll Find Some of the Best Ships in the Industry Here.

Some of the most cutting-edge ships in the world cruise the Caribbean. Choose your cruise right, and you’ll get the opportunity to experience some of the most exciting and fun-filled vessels in the world. Zipline on Allure of the Seas, try the SkyRide on the CarnivalVista or sign up for trapeze lessons on Anthem of the Seas.

There’s Something for Everyone.

Regardless of what ship you wind up on, one of the best things about cruising the Caribbean – and cruising in general – is the fact that there are restaurants, shows, and activities that cater to virtually everyone’s preference onboard. You’ll find kid-friendly playgrounds and performances, adrenaline-boosting activities to thrill teens and adults alike, glamorous day spas, casinos, and dozens of other ways to spend your time and enjoy your vacation.

They’re Affordable. 

One of the best things about Caribbean cruises? The price tag. Cruising the Caribbean can be a surprisingly affordable way to enjoy a family vacation and experience something new and exciting. With meals and entertainment rolled into the cost of your ticket, you won’t need to worry about bringing a ton of spending money to supplement the up-front price of the trip, and many of the islands you’ll visit, you’ll find prices for food, attractions and souvenirs are surprisingly low.

You’ll Enjoy the Warm Weather.

Cruises in the Pacific and around Europe can be a ton of fun, but they can also be unpleasantly cold, making it hard to truly enjoy yourself outside. If you’re determined to soak up the sun and spend as much time on deck as possible, a Caribbean cruise can be a great choice. Unless you’re cruising in the dead of winter, you’ll probably be able to enjoy the outdoor pool and otherwise spend as much time outdoors as you’d like.

You Won’t Need a Passport to Experience ten Islands. 

Yes, that’s right – as long as you’re a U.S. citizen booking a cruise that begins and ends in the same domestic destination, you won’t need to worry about bringing a passport.  A government-issued birth certificate or photo ID is all you need to visit cruise stops in the Caribbean. For families that haven’t taken the plunge and gone through the process of getting their passports, this can be a considerable time- and money-saver and remove a ton of stress from the planning process.

As you can see, a Caribbean cruise makes an excellent vacation for virtually everyone. Check your calendar and see when you can squeeze in a few days at sea!

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