8 Useful Tips When Preparing for Long-Term Travel


Are you planning to go on a long-term trip? Well, this often involves a lot of steps and logistics. 

It also involves a lot of packing, planning, and coordinating on your part.

Thus, doing your research and preparing beforehand can save you from a lot of stress in traveling. It also allows you to safeguard your belongings while you are away.

In this post, we will walk you through the seven valuable tips on how you can prepare for long-term travel:

Preparing for Long-Term Travel

1. Get your documents ready

Although this is the less fun part of travel, it will make your life a lot easier.

Getting all your documents ready helps you research ahead of time whether or not you’ll need a visa for the countries you’re flying to. 

It can be extremely costly and time-consuming on your part if you have to get them at the last minute. 

Carrying printed photocopies of all your important documents can also be handy. Make sure that you place them somewhere other than your document wallet. You can also save copies online to be easily accessed by a trusted friend or family member at home if an emergency happens. 

You may be unable to enter some countries if there are only six months left in your passport or if you have only 2-4 blank pages left. So, organize a passport renewal if you encounter these issues before your trip. 

2. Organize your finances

Make sure you have access to your money even if you’re abroad. Better yet, find a way how you can make money while traveling

Moreover, try to have at least more than one account you can get from, just in case something happens to one of them. It is also smart to open an account in a bank that refunds any foreign transaction fees. 

3. Prepare to move out of your house

If you’re renting, then you might want to withdraw your rental agreement. But if you’re planning to return after your trip, you can ask whether subletting is an option or not. 

If you’re not concerned with money, then you can consider renting out your space until you come back.

Assuming that you want to move out before your trip, you need to figure out what you’ll do with your things. You can donate or sell the things that you no longer need. 

Clear your closet, getting rid of the clothes you haven’t worn for over a year. Once you’ve removed all the unnecessary clutter, you can place your remaining stuff in storage. 

You either rent a storage unit from a reliable company like National Mini Storage. Another option is to place it in your friend’s or parent’s place. If you plan to have your home rented out while you’re on vacation, you can secure your belongings in a garage or basement.

4. Purchase long stay travel insurance

If you’re planning to do long-term travel, then you need to have travel insurance.

It can cover the cost of travel delays, lost luggage, and interruptions. You can also use it to pay for unexpected illnesses or injuries that you’ll incur while traveling. 

5. Get your travel vaccinations

The type of vaccinations you need will largely depend on the countries you wanted to go to and include them in your long-term travel plans. 

There are plenty of websites that let you find the recommended travel vaccines you’ll need when entering a specific country. 

Usually, it will take into account the length of your stay and the types of activities you want to engage in. 

6. Brush up on the local language

There’s also a chance that you’ll be traveling to a place wherein English isn’t the local language. However, don’t let this intimidate you. 

Still, it’s a great idea that you brush up on the local language. 

You can look up some of the key phrases that you’ll likely use often when traveling. This can be basic greetings, asking for directions, and numbers. 

7. Be equipped with travel guidebooks

Finally, why not bring with you a hard copy of your travel guide. 

Ensure that you bring a handy travel guide with you to have other options if you’re experiencing any internet issues. 

Guidebooks also include information about the history, culture, and list of places that you can visit. This can be pretty handy on long bus rides!

8. Prepare for your trip

Plan the things that you want to bring with you. Do you want to buy something that you’ll need for your trip? Then, making a list can be handy. 

Make sure that you practice packing and carrying your luggage as well. 

You’ll find that a lot of budget airlines are strict when it comes to weight limits. So, weigh in your things before you go to be sure. 

Bonus tip

The longer you’re planning (or hoping) to be away, the more prepared you need to be. This goes at least double if you’re planning on doing any work at all while you’re traveling. If you’re thinking about “digital nomading” then you absolutely need to be super-prepared.

You might find it worthwhile to sign up for one of the free project management courses you can find online. These tend to be short courses. Many only last a few hours. They give you an overview of what you should keep in mind when planning a major project, like a long-term trip. Some of them will even give you a certificate to boost your resume when you get home!

Bon Voyage!

Listed above are practical tips you need to keep in mind when traveling for the long term. Now is the time to get on that plane and kick off new adventures!

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