Pineapple-Orange Ice Cream Float

I’m all about easy-to-make recipes, and this easy-to-make ice cream float recipe couldn’t be simpler. After all, it’s summer, and what better time to enjoy a delicious pineapple-orange ice cream float? It’s also been a while since I’ve shared a recipe here with you as well.

This summer has been a doozy with record-breaking temperatures reaching as high as 120°F in some areas and even higher in others. In less than a month I’ve experienced both in Phoenix, AZ and Palm Springs, CA where I recently decided to take mini-vacations separately with both my son and daughter. People would sometimes ask, based on my Caribbean background, “aren’t you used to that kind of weather?”, and I would say “No, I’m not”.

Living in the Caribbean on an island is much different than living in an overpopulated city. We’re surrounded by water and a cool Caribbean breeze. We didn’t depend on an AC to keep us cool and our temperature rounded out at around 85°F in the summer. With global warming, summer temperatures may be much higher now, but anything over 100° definitely calls for something cool.

I’ve also been checking out all the local ice cream shops here in Colorado Springs and have narrowed it down to a favorite few. I’m going to have to put together a post for next summer so I can share it with you, but maybe you’re like me and you eat ice cream all year round. If you like ice cream as much as I do, then you’re definitely going to love this delicious Pineapple-Orange Ice cream float. It’s not only easy to make but everyone will love it.

Pineapple Orange Ice Cream Float

Pineapple Orange Ice Cream Float


6 cups of Sprite (or similar) 

¼ cup of orange juice

1 cup of pineapple chopped

1 cup of orange slices

2 cups of orange crème ice cream (or similar)


  1. In order to get nice round balls of ice cream, scoop sherbet with an ice cream scoop onto a parchment-lined tray and place in the freezer. Freeze for 30 minutes at least.
  1. Mix Sprite and Orange Juice in a punch bowl
Pineapple Orange Ice Cream Float
  1. Add in ice cream, and drop in fruit. You can give it a little stir to mix the ice cream a bit. Just don’t overmix.
Pineapple Orange Ice Cream Float
  1. Scoop into glasses. This punch gets better as the ice cream melts.
Pineapple Orange Ice Cream Float

Serve up a glass or two while relaxing on the patio this summer and enjoy the weather. Happy Summer!

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