PatPat – The New Shopping App for Moms

There is no doubt about it, I love to shop. When I say I love to shop I mean I LOVE TO SHOP! I remember before Madison was born she had a closet full of designer clothes and shoes and even now. I blame it on my days of living in New York City. Now that I’m in Colorado there aren’t quite as many stores but there is the Internet. I love internet shopping. While I love shopping I also love deals and I was happy to find out that there are lots of ways for us moms to score some goodies without leaving your home. There is a brand new shopping app on the market. Currently available for both Android and IOS users called PatPat.

So I have been messing around with this app for a couple of days now and I can say that I LOVE it. It kind of remind me of those other shopping sites online that gives you those daily deals at heavily discounted prices. Well this is the same but now I can shop even when I’m outdoors right on my cell phone. When I first downloaded the app I was greeted with a welcome that gave me $5 off my first order. With Halloween coming up I decided to check out their halloween section and they had some amazing products at some even more amazing price.

The selection of deals is something that moms everywhere look for. I’m talking clothing, shoes, accessories, home goods, toys, electronics and lots more. You can even save an extra 10% when you share your finds with your friends on social media. And one of the feature that I truly love is the Freebie! Yes you can get freebies every day just for shopping with no shipping charge!

Shipping isn’t just free on the freebie item but free on ALL orders with no minimum purchase. Most companies require you to have a minimum but not PatPat and I just love that! There is even free return shipping as well if you’re not happy with your product but I’m sure you will be.

I have a few items in my cart and I’m waiting for a few more upcoming deals but you’ve got to hurry because they tend to sell out very fast. I guess the early bird catches the worm as my mom would say. So if you’re looking for great products at discounted prices for your kids or even yourself, check out PatPat. Download the app and use code “GRUM35” to save 35% plus $5 off for new user. Exclusively for Growing Up Madison’s readers. Just look at the awesome tunic I was able to score using my coupon code.

So download the app today and get in on the savings!

Here are the ways you can download PatPat:

IOS | Android

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