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If you’re the mother of an African-American child, then you’ll appreciate my struggle. You know the one of washing and combing your African-American child’s naturally curly hair. Madison was born with a head full of hair, and the older she got, the thicker it became. Our hair is characterized by numbers; the higher the number, the kinkier the hair is.

Like most of my kids, Madison has different textures throughout as we’re a mixture of heritage. My maternal great-grandmother was European from Portugal, while my paternal side of the family is Carib Indians who originate from the Caribbean, so while she does have kinky hair, it’s also curly with looser curls. Nevertheless, it can be hard to manage, especially after washing.

You may remember me saying that I very rarely wash Madison’s hair, instead, I co-wash it, which is generally washing the hair with a conditioner. I also never use heat, but instead, air dries her hair. With school back in session, I’ve been trying to find ways that I can eliminate combing her hair on a daily basis, and today I want to share a very simple style that lasts an entire week, thanks to the new line of Just For Me Natural Hair Nutrition Products, and three simple steps to keep that style.

Now I also want to tell you a little bit about these new Just For Me Natural Hair Nutrition products. They all contain coconut milk, shea butter, vitamin e, and sunflower oil, what they do NOT contain, however, are sulfate, formaldehyde, DEA, petrolatum, or parabens, the things that we do not want in our little one’s hair. I’m a big sucker for reading ingredients, and although it was not listed on the front like the others, mineral oil is also not included.

This line includes the Just For Me Natural Hair Nutrition Detangling Creamy Co-Wash, Nourishing Leave-In Conditioner, Moisture Rich Styling Smoothie, and the Creamy Butter Moisturizer. I used all these products throughout the styling process. I also used a wide-tooth comb and rubber bands.

Step 1.

Start off with freshly washed hair. I used the detangling creamy co-wash for this. I co-wash because shampoos generally strip the hair of natural oils. Living here in Colorado where it is very dry with little to no humidity, we need all the oils in our hair that we can get. The creamy co-wash detangles and leaves her hair silky soft and manageable. With my wide tooth comb, I detangle from the end to the roots.

Step 2: 

I then apply the Nourishing Leave-In Conditioner which softens her frizzy natural coils and hydrates her parched hair. While damp, I comb through the hair with the leave-in conditioner and part the hair into four sections separating them with rubber bands. For each section I then two-strand twisted the hair in a few twists using the moisture-rich styling smoothie. I like to call this our Two Strand Twist Fauxhawk, attach a bow or curlie at the top and you’re good to go. To protect this style, use a satin wrap and you can keep this style for at least a week.

Step 3: 

On a daily basis, I use the creamy butter moisturizer around her edges and on her hair using a styling brush to keep her hair looking smooth. It protects her hair and moisturizes without leaving her hair looking too greasy and it’s great for daily moisture. For the above style which we did by day three, you simply take the twists and attach them to the hair above using a rubber band. The very top we put into a curly bun and secured it once again using a cute little butterfly bow.

Step 4:

You should still be tying your little one’s hair down at nights with a silk or satin scarf but continue to moisturize her hair. On the very last day of school, which is usually a fun day, we decide to undo her twists from the first three sections for a full coily, curly, fauxhawk. Add a little of the moisture rich styling smoothie, which nourishes and softens her curls and also protects her hair, and you’re good to go!

Our two-strand twist fauxhawk is a great way for your little one to get her mohawk on without actually getting a mohawk. With a little bit of help from Just For Me Natural Hair Nutrition products, a silk or satin hair scarf, you’ll be good for at least a week or even more. Spend more time having fun and less time worrying about hair care.

Whether your daughter has tangles, dry hair, or both, Just For Me has just what you need to give her happy, healthy-looking hair. Shea butter, soy milk and honey combine to nourish your little one’s tresses and help make styling easier than ever.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Just for Me. The opinions and text are all mine.

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