My Big Easter Cookie Fail – Mommy Monday

Our readers have been asking for a Mommy Monday where my mommy takes over and say a few things. Apparently while they love reading about me, they would also love to get to know mommy a bit more. So here is my mommy just like you wanted!

There is a reason why I never do recipes on Growing Up Madison. I can cook well enough to feed my family, but I’m not that GREAT. I see all these amazing recipes and while I may have tried a few of them, especially those on my favorite food blog Foodie in WV, they almost never come out looking or maybe even tasting the way they should. My mom on the other hand can whip up something from scratch and it would taste amazing! I have been however hanging out a lot more in the kitchen so who knows, after all they say practice makes perfect.

This past week I received my Parents magazine and being that Easter is right around the corner, there are quite a few things in there that they have for the kids. One of them being these amazing cookies called Little Nibbles. This is my experience, it’ll have you laughing.

Source: April 2014 Parents Magazine

That photo is taken from the April 2014 Parents Magazine and that’s how the cookies are supposed to look! Granted the recipe was so simple and looked so easy to do. I said to myself, hey I can do that. I should have known better. As I mentioned before I don’t have a single baking bone in my body.

This was the very simple recipe found on page 24:

  • Your own or store bought cookie dough
  • Corn Syrup
  • Water
  • Colored Sugar
  • Measuring Spoons

When cookies are done, press measuring spoons into the warm dough for prints. Whisk light corn syrup with a bit of water, brush into indents, and sprinkle on colored sugar. 

Very easy right? Now how can I possibly get this wrong?!

I got all my ingredients ready. Seeing that I had no idea how to make my own dough I went out and bought the pre-packaged one from Pillsbury. After all I’m sure they would come out so much better than me making my own. Look how nice they looked on the package, I was so sure that they were going to look as nice when I was done. 

It was as simple as putting the cookie squares in the oven. Simple as that. Sure the cookies looked great when they were done. Now all I had to do was make the indents with my measuring spoons and sprinkle on the colored sugar. Now this is where my failure came in. No-where did my cookie come out looking so nice and pretty as the ones in the magazine. Where were the paw prints? Instead mine looked like they were the result of Big Foot actually walking all over them instead of bunnies. 

Sure they tasted good but did they look good? No they did not! Granted to say that I did not do them all and instead had the kids eat them without the prints. I am not giving up though. I will be giving this a try again and maybe I’ll have success. 

So tell me, have you ever made something that looked nothing like the magazine or even Pinterest? 

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