The Most Incredible Places to Visit in Scandinavia

From Argentina to Russia, the world is peppered with unbelievable landscapes. But if you’re looking for a place that features the finest cultural eye candy, look no further than Scandinavia. 

The Northern Region is a group of countries that consist of Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, and Finland. Home to the most epic lakes, snow-capped mountains, and picturesque villages, Scandinavia boasts too many incredible sights to visit in a lifetime. So let me be your guide on your Scandinavian getaway! 

Whether you want to explore a medieval village, see the Aurora Borealis, hit the mountains, or bask in the beauty of a fjord, you can find it all in the stunning Scandinavia. 

Places to Visit in Scandinavia

1. Watch the Aurora Borealis at Abisko National Park, Sweden 

Hoping to catch Mother Nature’s most picturesque masterpiece? Set up camp at Abisko National Park or book a Northern Lights tour if you don’t feel like roughing it in the wild by yourself. 

At Abisko National Park, you’ll find everything you could expect from the Scandinavian wilderness – majestic mountains, the mesmerizing Aurora Borealis, flowering fields, dogsledding tours, snowmobiling, ice fishing, moose spotting, and thrilling adventures like this ice climbing expedition that’s perfect for beginners.   

2. Hike The Preikestolen or Pulpit Rock, Norway

The Pulpit Rock is Norway’s most dramatic hiking spot. A true testament to its otherworldly beauty, this popular viewing platform hangs 604 meters above the crystal clear waters of the Lysefjord below. The adrenaline rush that comes from standing on the edge of this rock? You can file that under EPIC! 

Places to Visit in Scandinavia

3. Visit Old the Sand Dunes of Råbjerg Mile, Denmark

With its majestic sand-covered dunes, Råbjerg Mile feels like you’ve been magically transported to the Sahara desert. 

One of the most unexpected landscapes in the world, the Råbjerg Mile is a must-see destination in Denmark. Known as the largest migrating coastal dune, the sand dunes at Råbjerg Mile move slowly towards Kattegat at a rate of 15m northeast. 

Throughout the years, the shifting sands have managed to cover entire forests, lakes, and even the church of Saint Lawrence of Rome (also known as the sand-covered church,) which I highly suggest adding to your Scandi bucket list. 

4. Take a Million Photos in Scandinavia’s Postcard-Perfect Cities

The Scandinavian region is brimming with so many breathtaking landmarks, medieval villages, natural sights, and cities, that this list could go on and on. A couple of honorable mentions you should definitely add to your Scandinavian bucket list is the stunning waterfront canal of Nyhavn, in Copenhagen. Scroll down the #Nyhavn hashtag on Instagram and you’ll quickly realize why this colorful 17th-century district is one of the most famous landmarks around Europe. 

Höga Kusten (also known as The High Coast) is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that’s surrounded by towering cliffs, red granite formations, islands, the Skuleskogen’s National Park, and the charming village of Ulvöhamn, which stretches over a single street and is one of the best-preserved fishing villages around. 

Spend a couple of days wandering around Gamla Stan in Stockholm, where narrow cobblestone streets and medieval terracotta buildings will be your companion. Founded in 1252, the Gamla Stan town is a beautiful labyrinth of baroque-style chapels, old-European cafes, museums, boutiques, and galleries that are best explored on foot. 

Places to Visit in Scandinavia

In Conclusion:

Scandinavia really has it all. You can spend your days getting lost in quaint little villages or going on a hike at one of the many natural parks in this region. And when you’re ready to kick back in the city, there’s nothing like recharging with some local pastries like Kanelbullar (cinnamon rolls), Prinsesstårta, (Princess Cake), or Butterkaka, a Scandinavian version of cinnamon bun cake filled with a delicious almond and vanilla custard paste.  

Who’s ready to embark on the road trip of a lifetime?! 

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