Mosquitno Review

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Mosquitos love me. When I say the love me they really do. I have a photo of me on my trip to the Caribbean last year where they gave me lots of kisses, at least that’s what mommy calls them but they’re no fun. Their kisses hurt and leave bumps all over wherever they touch me.

look at my poor face 🙁

Mosquitoes are very dangerous and carry deadly diseases, especially that dread West Nile Virus so I need to be careful. This year hasn’t been any better where I live right now. It seems like there is no relief for me. Well that’s what I thought. It has surely gotten better thanks to Mosquitno. Mosquitno decided to send me a few of their products. They even sent for mommy as well. Yes they’re also for grownups. After all grownups get bitten as well.

For those who don’t know about the Mosquitno company let me tell you a a bit about them. Mosquitno makes an all natural mosquito repellent that is great for the entire family. You know mommy doesn’t like any yucky stuff on me so this is perfect for your little ones. This isn’t a spray either. No, no spray for me.

Mosquitno Bandz and Spotz

This comes in wristband (Bandz) format and also stickers (Spotz). Pretty cool right? I bet you’re wondering “how can wristbands and stickers protect me from mosquitoes?”. Well let me tell you how it works.

The Bandz are made of a silicone rubber and is infused with all-natural, non-toxic and pleasant smelling citronella oil and completely DEET free.  They really smell great almost like lemons. The Bandz state that they’re perfect for age 3+ (due to choking hazard) and because I have tiny hands they didn’t fit me well so mommy decided to use the spotz. I’ll tell you a bit more about the spotz in a second. The Bandz protect for 150hrs (6 days) and come in these really cool resealable packages so when you don’t need them you can place them back in there for further use. They even say ” hey, don’t bite me please”.

My Bandz doesn’t fit my little wrist just right

Mommy and I really like the Spotz because the Spotz can be used on anything. The Spotz are also infused with Citronella. There are 6 in the package and you can place them on anything your child is wearing. These don’t last as long as the Bandz but they are so adorable. These last 72hrs (3 days) but because they can be placed on anything these turned out to be our favorite. Can you see that Spotz on my shirt in that picture below, doesn’t it look like it belong there? They can sure turn your favorite shirt, bag, hat etc into a masterpiece.

Yes that’s a Spotz on my shirt.

These worked out great for me. As I mentioned before, I was getting bitten here where I live. Having a pool in the backyard that is not being used and that daddy has yet to empty is not helping either. There are always mosquitoes around and since wearing my Spotz they have certainly helped. They have kept the mosquitoes away and I’m so grateful for Mosquitno. Now I no longer worry about playing outdoors because I know I’m protected. Not only do they work great but they smell great too!

You can connect with Mosquitno via their Website and buy these amazing products and protect yourself and your little ones from those annoying mosquitoes. You can also connect with them via their Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube pages.

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