Mill Creek Botanicals Baby Review

Disclaimer:  I was given the products in this post for the purpose of a review. 

I was not paid in any way to write this review.

All opinions are my own.

Taken from Mill Creek Botanicals Baby Care:

Mill Creek Baby delivers the best safe, natural, soothing care for your delicate little one’s skin and hair.  Each formula is made by selecting natures most gentle and finest nutrient rich plant botanicals and emollients to give your baby a all natural safe and healthy alternative. Thoroughly tested and approved by mothers.   

Mill Creek Botanicals sent me their entire baby line of products and we were ecstatic to receive them. We were sent the Baby Wash, Conditioning Shampoo, Calendula Cream and the Lotion. They all come in pump bottles except for the Calendula cream making them easy to use. No twisting of caps. I have very sensitive skin so it’s one of the reason mommy and I only review all natural or as close to natural products on my blog. When you have sensitive skin like I do you want only the best. The Mill Creek Botanicals Baby products are all fragrance free, sulfate free, gluten free, contains no sodium chloride, no parabens, no MEA’s, DEA’s or dyes, are all natural & Vegan, have never been tested on animals and contains no artificial preservatives.

First lets talk about the Mill Creek Baby Wash and the Mill Creek Baby Conditioning Shampoo. Remember mommy and I said that we weren’t going to do any more bath pics? Well we couldn’t resist. We just had to do one more which I will show you very soon. These two products may come from the baby line but they’re also great for adults with sensitive skin as well.

When they say they are fragrance free they weren’t kidding, I really couldn’t smell anything. I’m accustomed to a little scent but this is why these are really great products, especially if you have sensitive skin like me. No scents in my case means no skin irritation for me. They also both contain Witch Hazel which mommy and I found out is really good for a lot of things including your skin.

The consistency of both products aren’t as thick as other products but don’t let that fool you. It did mommy. She pumped a little and said “this looks like water” and pumped some more, know what happened, my bath spongie thingie was so full of suds that it was almost an instant bubble bath. By the way the baby wash makes an excellent bubble bath as well. 

Now here is that picture I was telling you about. Remember I mentioned that the consistency was like water. Well the same thing happened with my Conditioning Shampoo. Same consistency so mommy decided to use a little extra. Same thing happened again. It left my hair all sudsy and it took mommy a while to get it completely rinsed out of my hair. Once rinsed out though my hair not only looked clean but smelled clean as well. Since I have very thick hair though mommy still ended up using a conditioner in my hair because my hair felt slightly hard without it. 

Once my bath was over it was time to use the Mill Creek Calendula Cream and the Mill Creek Baby Lotion. The Calendula Cream came in very handy. I just recently started getting a slight diaper rash, possibly from daddy not changing me on time so mommy was very excited to try this and see if it worked.

The consistency isn’t thick and goopy but rather thin making it easy to go on wipe off. We did not expect it to clear it up in a day but after using it, by day 3 my rash had disappeared. It may be the Calendula Cream but it could also be that it was just time for my diaper rash to disappear. Whatever it was the Calendula Cream did give me some much-needed relief in that area.

The Mill Creek Baby Lotion consistency is the same as the Calendula Cream. It did not leave me greasy and sticky as most lotions tend to do. You’re only supposed to use a small amount but mommy put this much so you can see it clearly. This amount is able to do my back and my front. This lotion is also great for your face as well since it is fragrance free and also contains witch hazel.

So if you have a newborn or you’re an adult with very sensitive skin we recommend getting Mill Creek Botanicals Baby products. No yucky stuff on the inside and completely fragrance free.

Mill Creek Botanicals Baby gets my Two Tiny Thumbs Up!

You can visit the Mill Creek Botanicals Website where you can view their other great products in their Skin Care, Bath and Body, Hair Care, Style Products and Biotene H-24 line and purchase the ones you want to use.

You can also connect with Mill Creek Botanicals via their Facebook and Instagram Pages.

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