Greater Than One Kids Hold On Handles Review

  I was given the products in this post for the purpose of a review. 

I was not paid in any way to write this review.

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If you’re new to our blog you may not know but mommy and I hate leashes. We actually did a post about it not too long ago after seeing a parent practically dragging their little one around in Walmart like a puppy. Mommy recognize that some people may really have a need for them but surely there are better alternatives out there. A friend of mommy saw this alternative and recommended it to mommy.

Welcome Hold on Handles by Greater than One Kids. Greater than One Kids is founded by two women with 6 children between them, one has triplets and the other a pair of twins, and guess what, there are no leashes to be found.

Yes parents it can be done!

Now on to my Hold on Handles but first we have to share this from their website:

Finally there’s a tool to help you teach your children to stay within arm’s reach—Hold-On Handles. 

With Hold-On Handles you can feel more confident, and your children can be safer, more active and happily independent when you are out and about together – a far better option, we believe, than a leash or harness.

Mommy and I received the Hold on Handles in the Plush Panda design. I was 18 months old when I received this and I hate being in my stroller confined all day long whenever we go out. There are times when I would rather be running around the mall or Walmart or even Target, away from my stroller. The Hold on Handles are recommended for ages 18m+ but before you decide to take your child out with you using this it is recommended you teach your child at home the significance of staying with you and not letting go. Mommy and I took it for a quick trial around the neighborhood and I admit that I did let go a few times but with mommy being consistent with me, reminding me that I needed to hold on and not let go I quickly got the hang of it.

Now for the real test! Mommy being the mommy she is thought that our quiet neighborhood during our trial was a hit. How about testing it out in a store. I would usually get out of my stroller in the stores and walk around but this time mommy said “no stroller”, kinda brave of mommy wasn’t it?

Did it work?

Shopping at Target using my Hold on Handles

It actually did! Mommy took me to Target and connected my Hold on Handles to the shopping cart and let me have free reign. I actually held on and listened to mommy. I was tempted to let go but I didn’t. Mommy was really surprised and proud of me. Mommy even switched sides and we stopped and I actually stopped and didn’t let go either.

I stopped and did not let go!

Now for the features of the Hold on Handles:

Carabiner snaps easily onto strollers

Comfortable parent wrist strap

Adjustable straps

Quick release buckle for added safety

Tested by the leading international safety testing company

Lead-free paint and non-toxic materials

You can purchase Hold-On Handles as a Double Handle Set or a Single Handle Set, and then customize them for up to 3 children by adding Spare Handles.

So you know that I’m going to recommend Hold on Handles right? Not only is it a better alternative although you do have to teach your children how to use it properly. With consistency and positive reinforcement it can be done. Now not only will I not be leashed but mommy can walk around with me and know that I’m close by and neither of us will be embarrassed. Greater than One Kids Hold on Handles gets my Two Tiny Thumbs Up!

You can connect with Greater Than One Kids via their Website, Facebook and Twitter. You may also be able to find a Greater Than One Kids Hold on Handles at a retailer near you. They are available in the US, Canada and even International. 

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