Me and My Kitty

I’m usually telling stories about myself, today I want to tell a story about my pet Kitty. By now just hearing the name you know that she’s a cat.

Before mommy moved to our current location she had a big fat Persian kitty named Snowflake. Snowflake was a rather mean kitty, at least she was to me. She didn’t like me very much but she tolerated me as the baby of the house. One day Snowflake disappeared. Although Snowflake was microchipped she never returned. We posted lost flyers with a reward, reported her missing to the shelters and vets but she never showed up.

Me and Snowflake when I was about 6 months old

Boy were we sad when she left. We really missed her a lot, at least I did and so did my siblings. My big sister was the closest to her since she slept not at the foot of her bed but actually by her head on her pillow. She was a snobby cat and thought sleeping at the foot of the bed or even on the floor was beneath her. Since there were so many tears mommy decided that she was going to get us another cat.

We finally found a kitten after searching for about a week and when we got her we bonded instantly. I was actually the one to pick her out of her other brothers and sisters. She’s my constant companion and I just love to give her hugs although mommy says that I hug her a little too tightly but my kitty loves it. Now I have someone who’s always by my side and who loves to sleep with me whenever I take a nap. Whenever I get into any trouble she’s also there. Since we couldn’t come up with a name we call her Kitty and she knows her name.

Me and Kitty taking a nap together

Mommy is planning on getting her microchipped as well. It’s not just enough to have a pet collar or an ID tag, these can fall off but microchips last a lifetime. We hope that Snowflake is happy wherever she is if she was found and if she’s really lost we hope to see her again someday. We have heard stories of pets being returned after being lost for many years so we’re hoping to be one of those happy stories.

To brighten your day here is a very funny video of me and my kitty.

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