Make Your Own Pet Rocks – Craft

Who doesn’t like to own a new pet? I know I do. I currently have a dog, my very own Shih-Tzu Gizmo, and my Himalyan Kitty appropriately named Kitty. Well mommy thinks that’s enough pets for me for now but she has no objection to these kind of pets. They are very easy to take care of and I don’t mind them either. 

I now want to share this very easy craft project with you. I’m sure you’ll enjoy making them and playing with them as well. 


Rocks, various sizes (we picked these out of the driveway)

Spray Paint, in colors of choice.Used red, silver, and bronze here.

Hot glue


Black sharpie


Step 1: Gather different sizes of rocks.Wipe off excess dirt.

Step 2:Using a well ventilated area that has been covered with newspaper or cardboard spray paintthe rocks and let them dry completely.

Step 3:Hot glue on thegooglyeyes to the rocks.

Step 4:Use the sharpie to draw hair, eyes, and a mouth on the pet rocks.

Thisproject costsunder $5 to complete. If younger children are creating pet rocks they could use acrylic paint and paintbrush to paint the rocks and tacky glue to adhere the eyes.

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