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There are things that I just love to do and reading and watching movies are just a few of them. I don’t usually review apps but when I come across something that not only is fun, educational and keeps me safe I just have to share it with everyone. As most of you know I received an iPad mini for my 2nd birthday. Something to keep me occupied while mommy and daddy take me along on whatever journey they might be going. While I do have a few kid apps on there along with some of the major video ones that you subscribe to, they don’t always have shows that are suitable for my age. When we were asked to take a look at MagicFlix available for free in the Apple App store, mommy decided that she wanted to check it out before committing. After all we aren’t going to recommend something that we don’t like. Granted to say, we loved it, so today I’m sharing my experience with you.

So what are some of the things that I loved about this app and first of all what is MagicFlix? I bet you’re thinking, aren’t all video apps the same?

Well MagicFlix was created by 3 moms who wanted a safer digital place for their kids to watch videos. It was designed for kids ages 12 years and younger but I think older kids will enjoy the videos as well. These videos all comes from well known sites and they have been curated just for your little one ages. MagicFlix was designed for kids and kids only so there are no adult videos on here. Sorry grown ups, but the great thing is that you’d like some of the videos that they have to offer as well.

Here are just a few of what your little one can learn.

  • Science and Math are fun on Magicflix! Choose from Sick Science’s cool experiments, NASA’s eClips for kids and the Digits – a live action Math Rock band.
  • Journey to the zoo with Kinderzoo’s captivating animal videos
  • Inspire your child with Ted Talks for youth and Kidsenz’ News for kids.
  • Hum along with Erik Herman, Recess Monkey, Rocknoceres, Randy Kaplan and others.
  • Animals, Phonics, Spanish, History videos and more!

Now what we really loved was the simplicity of the app. It was so very easy to use. The icons for each section are picture shaped as you can see above, and with just swipe and a tap to the video, you’re done. Since all the videos are done inside of the app it makes it very safe. There is totally no access to the world wide web.

There are hundreds of videos to watch and as I mentioned all age appropriate. I can’t stress that enough. Another great feature is the addition of your own playlist from YouTube. Yes you can download your own videos and store them in your playlist. You can also favorite a video and it will place it in a favorite tab so you can head right there to watch the videos you love. They thought of everything!

Now while we loved all the features, the videos and the simplicity and overall awesomeness, the greatest thing about this is that mommy no longer have to worry that what I’m watching isn’t appropriate for my age. I’m also learning and having fun along the way and she loves that as well. So what are you waiting for? Download MagicFlix today while it’s still free. You won’t regret it!

Here are the ways to connect and learn more about MagicFlix:

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