Let the Fairies in with The Lil Fairy Door

I love pretending, and as a matter of fact, my mommy loves it when I do and tries to encourage it. According to mommy, kids with imagination are a lot more fun, which means that I’m a very fun person. Well, at least I can be at times. We were recently introduced to a company that also helps bring out the imagination in your little one. Introducing the Lil Fairy Door. This is a company that recognizes that the imagination of a child can be an amazing thing. They realize that it is very important to encourage our creative side with play, dress-up, and fantasy, and the Lil Fairy Door captures the essence of wonder and inspiration beautifully.

Sold in a rainbow of colors, the Fairy Doors safely attach to any wall for the imaginative fairies to come visit their human princess or prince at night. Their miniature doors, fairy dust, butterfly wings, stickers and other accessories help kids dream and explore their imagination and creativity through pretending. Lil Fairy Doors start at the very reasonable price of $36. You can’t put a price on creativity.

Mommy and I were sent the Pink Fairy Door with the Fairy Mailbox and Lil Mushrooms.

Mommy was a little hesitant before opening the package of how she would attach it in my room. What she found out is that there was nothing to worry about. This comes with Command strips which does no damage and can be placed anywhere. The Fairy Door also included a tiny bottle of fairy dust which can be used to sprinkle anywhere you’d like. Now while this looks like a real door, only the fairies can open it. They use it at night when I’m asleep and sometimes leave me really nice surprises. 

The Fairy Mailbox is a pleasant addition to the Lil Fairy Door. Here you can leave your fairy messages and she actually reads them. It is a real working mailbox that opens and closes. This also attaches with command strips so no need to worry about damaging your wall with this either. Sometimes she even leaves a gift or reward for my good behavior with a note. This is a really fun way to encourage good behavior. Who doesn’t like receiving gifts?

Now just in case you decide to get up early and surprise your fairy while she is in your room, these mushrooms are the perfect hiding place for her. She can hide behind them and you’ll never see her. I have tried catching her unawares but I’ve still yet to see her. She is a little too crafty for me.

The Lil Fairy Door products are all very well made out of wood and are all handmade and hand painted. The Lil Fairy Door products are available for purchase on the website with worldwide shipping. For the Frozen Fans there is also a Frozen Fairy Door, now you can enjoy everything Frozen, and have your own fairy come through the door of your choice.

This is really a great way to encourage your little one’s imagination and help with their creative side. It’s also a fun way to reward your little one for good behavior, and a great way for the tooth fairy to show up. Creativity, fun, and rewards sound great, doesn’t it? It sure does, and that’s why the Lil Fairy Door gets my TWO TINY THUMBS UP! 

I received products  for review purposes. No other compensation was received. Though the product was free, opinions are 100% my very own. 
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