Learn While Having Fun with Scotchi – Review

Disclaimer: I received products from Happy Kidz Happy Parents. No other compensation was received. Though the products were free, opinions are 100% my very own. 

I am at that stage where
I am currently on the go. I am busy taking things apart and while it may look
like I am getting myself into trouble, I am actually learning as well. What if
I told you there was a way for your little ones to learn while having fun, the
good old-fashioned way? Pretending and using our imaginations. We can take things apart and put them back together and
no one will mind because it will be fun. It will also be safe! Introducing Scotchi from Happy Kidz Happy Parents. Scotchi is made for toddlers ages 18m+ and can go for your pre-kindergarteners and kindergarteners as well. They are very reasonably priced but you can’t put a price on education now can you? 

  • Scotchi Kid toy line was launched in the US in
    August 2013. Scotchi has been met with tremendous accolades from parents,
    teachers and therapists worldwide, help to teach children important matching
    concepts, improve small motor skills and eye hand coordination and can
    strengthen memory.  Each of the 13 themed sets is made from washable,
    flexible polypropylene material that is extremely long lasting. The entire line
    have been rigorously tested to make sure they are safe for children. 
    Their light weight also make the perfect travel toy as with pieces can be
    easily carried in a zip lock bag.  

I was sent the Shapes and
Colors, Supermarket, My First Colors and My First Clock. I decided that I wanted to get right into it and not wait on mommy. Unfortunately for me I’m not good at ripping the plastic off products so I had to wait, though not for long. The first one I decided to play with My First Colors. Now as mentioned in the quote, they are all made of very durable material so don’t worry about your little one being tough on them. They all come with velcro so it’s easy to go and off. 

My First Colors is recommended for ages 18m+ and included 6 play boards and 12 pieces that attach to each board. Each board needs 2 pieces and it was a lot of fun trying to match the pieces together. Let me be the first to admit that not all my pieces were done correctly, but that is where the learning factor comes in. I eventually figured out that I can match them by color and even by looking at the picture. This was my basic introduction to color and I was a quick learner. 

Next mommy and I decided to work on the My First Clock. The My First Clock is recommended for ages 3+ and while I am not 3 as yet, I’m actually a year away from being 3, it was a great way for me to learn to count. You may not know this but I can actually count to five! 

This consisted of one large clock made up of four pieces with movable clock hands. 12 numbers in different colors, 12 numbers in different shapes and 12 fruits and vegetables in different quantities. Now I could learn four entirely different way. I can learn the numbers by look at it, I can learn the numbers by sequencing (counting the fruits and veggies), I can learn shapes and I can also learn how to tell time. I am a little too young for that so that part of learning will have to wait a bit. 

Next it was time to play with my Shapes and Colors. This is recommended for ages 2+. This included 4 double sided boards making it 8 time the fun. 19 pieces of shapes and colors and an activity mat which is used as the base for the board. Now I learned my shapes from another product that I used for my iPad so this was a breeze for me. 

Sure I placed the wrong color circle in the sun but that didn’t matter. What mattered was that I got the shape correct. Mommy was really proud of me because she saw that I really did know my shapes. Now I just had to learn my colors. There were only four colors included but the boards had lots of other colors so I was able to learn a bit more. 

Now the SuperMarket is a game and is great for the entire family. It consisted of four shopping carts and 36 food cards. Now this is a great that was made to develop my memory skills, I could also sort and match. What about social skills? Yes it was meant to do that as well. Nothing like playing a game with the family to learn a bit of social skills. I was also learning different foods as well. 

Now the way this game is played is very simple. Since game was made for 2-4 players. Each player gets a board which represents a different food group. You then shuffle the food around and lay them face down on a table. While taking turns, (I’m not very good at that yet), the player flips over a card and see if it matches his game board. If it doesn’t he lays it down again. The winner is the one who collects all the groceries in his cart from the same food group. Sounds like fun right? 

Scotchi has lots of other products available for your little one. I received four of the thirteen products that is currently available so there is lots more. All made to enhance your little one’s creativity and imagination, work on their visual perception, fine motor skill and hand and eye coordination. I would love to collect all the others and mommy plans on buying a few more.

You can purchase Scotchi products online at Planet Kids NY or at Amazon.com.

Here are the ways to connect with Scotchi and Happy Kidz Happy Parents:

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